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TVDbloodlust on hiatus until September

I haven’t been able to post anything new for a while as I am preparing to return home on holiday. Posts will start going up again sometime after August 30th and I have some new spoilers and teasers just in time for the season 2 premier on September 9th so check back sometime around then. Enjoy the next few Season 1 re-runs! The last couple of episodes were VERY important and full of juicy info, hints, and some great storylines. ONLY 4 WEEKS TO GO FOR THE SEASON 2 PREMIER!!!

Just one of the many reasons to watch the Season one re-runs... while Stefan is away, Damon and Elena will play (ah and it will only get better as the show progresses).


September is less than 2 months away so… TVD SEASON 2 NEWS AND SPOILERS!

I looked at a calendar and realized that September is less than TWO months away. That’s right, in no time The Vampire Diaries will be back for our viewing pleasure with new episodes. In case you haven’t seen the date floating around on various sites, CW announced that Thursday, September 9th is the official return!

I know that everyone is anxiously awaiting the return and trolling for news so I thought I would put up some of the new goodies that have been given to us. Not a whole lot has been released that’s absolutely NEW but I did manage to find some. I figured it would be easier to see it all in one place than search the web so here you go…. Look forward to a few more Season 2 leaks and sneak peaks as September gets even close but don’t hold out for too many details. The producers of The Vampire Diaries have stated repeatedly that news won’t be abundant as they want the Season 1 cliffhangers and Season 2 reveals to come at us in a big and surprising way. Eh I don’t know how surprising they can be because to some of the HIGHER UPS the werewolf storyline was supposed to be a big shocker for all and well…. spoiler and shocker FAIL lol.

Clevver TV gave a brief look at what to expect from Season 2:

KATHERINE – Hate her or love her, she’s a character everyone is anticipating and I personally can’t wait to see the fallout from her return. Oh it’s going to be so bad and so very good.

“I can’t talk much about it yet,” says executive producer Julie Plec, “but one of the big surprises is that Katherine comes face to face with Elena.”

I’m looking forward to Nina Dobrev playing both Elena and Katherine and HOPE that they won’t drag out their first meeting. Dare I hope maybe in the first or second episode? It looks like Nina isn’t the only one who will be dealing with the portrayal of two characters. Damon who was very recently grieving over his loss of Katherine is going to have to deal with her arrival and the effects she will have on his personality. Here’s to hoping that she doesn’t do too much damage to the new Damon Elena has helped to emerge.

“It’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster for me,” Ian predicts. “Damon, with Katherine, is this youthful wide-eyed fun guy who is so intrigued by her — so different from the maniacal, more mature Damon you see with Elena.”
(source:TV Gude)

Ian when asked about Katherine over at E!Online stated:
“She’s probably going to kick my ass. Katherine is an evil bitch. She’s a narcissistic, crazy bitch.”

Got that? Katherine is a crazy evil bitch. You know, just in case there are still some people out there that might think everyone is mistaken or that really she’s just some poor misunderstood girl/vampire. I might be a little biased because I’ve read the books and well her return… the girl had lost her mind and wanted revenge for some asinine reason and basically because she couldn’t get her way. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, don’t get your hopes up with expecting ANYTHING good from her.

The Salvatore brothers – The return of Katherine means things will without a doubt be changing for both Stefan and Damon. It’s been said that Stefan doesn’t handle Katherine returning as well as Damon and that the roles get a little mixed up with the brothers. Paul Wesley on his role in Season 2:

“He is always going to be protective of Elena, but there are times that he is going to be tempted by blood,” Paul dishes. “He’s a vampire and he has malice inside him. I think it would be a mistake to ignore that.”

When asked about the possible role switch up, Paul replied with:

“I think depending on the situation and the circumstance that it can happen. Damon will be nicer and Stefan more violent and then they will switch again…If Stefan loses Elena, even for a moment, he loves her and I think he could do anything.”


If Stefan loses Elena? Just what might be happening that he would think that Stefan could lose Elena? Does something happen with their relationship like some Damon interference?? (I know, I just want some results from the porch kiss whether Elena is aware of it or not and I can hope. I know they won’t be together – for now – but there is a connection and chemistry that can’t be denied.) Or – will we see the same (or similar) end result of Katherine returning for Elena like in the books?? The show has taken the major story points into the show so it’s always an option. Or – could it be something simpler like Stefan screwing things up because he never really dealt with Katherine being gone all those years ago. Remember, he is rumored to not handle her being back as well as many would think.

Is Uncle Johnathon REALLY dead?

While still on the subject of Katherine’s return (because just about everything is linked to her somehow, no?) – what will be the fate of Uncle Johnathon? We were left with Katherine cutting off his fingers, taking his death repelling ring, and then she savagely stabbed him. Now, normally you would just assume someone with those injuries and being minus a miracle ring would just plain die. Ah but if you did assume that you would be forgetting that this is a show with vampires, magical rings, witches, and werewolves. Anything can happen. Remember Logan? Everyone thought he was dead for a while until he came out all surprise I’ve been turned into a vampire.

EW’s Michael Ausiello who always knows the what’s what in television news answered a fan question about the fate of Uncle John.

Question: I heard a rumor that David Anders will be a regular next season on The Vampire Diaries. Please tell me that it’s true! —Addison
Ausiello: I would if I could, but I can’t. But here’s something I can confirm: Anders will definitely be in the season premiere.

Ok, so rumor has it that the show is going to start right where it left off with Uncle John in the kitchen wounded and Elena walking towards the kitchen. At the very least have one cliffhanger quickly answered in the first episode. And perhaps, Katherine is still in the kitchen when Elena goes in. Now that would be fun to see especially since Katherine has just maimed and possibly killed Elena’s Uncle/father and is wearing the EXACT SAME clothes as her . Wouldn’t Elena like to know what she was up to in those clothes… like with Damon – on the porch – after he put his heart out there – oh hell I hope I make it through the first episode because I know they are going to drag that secret out as long as possible just because they can.

New character Alert:
New IMPORTANT character coming to town by the name of Mason Lockwood. Maybe someone to teach Tyler what being a werewolf is all about?

Julie Plec who has been slowly letting out bits of information had this to say on the new character:
“Our big new addition is Mason Lockwood, the mayor’s much younger and cooler brother, who has been estranged from the family. His return introduces a lot of questions about what is so special about that creepy Lockwood family.”

(Source:TV Guide)

(Pic Sourece: TV Guide)

So who is Tyler’s Uncle (that is sure to have some family baggage being estranged and all)? Actor Taylor Kinney is going o be the new wolf in town who incidentally is going to add to the eye candy factor on TVD.

Check out his IMDB profile page HERE.

Bonnie – Our blossoming little witch has found some backbone and isn’t backing down from anyone. She knows who she is and what she can do so you can be sure from this point on she will be in charge of her life and if messed with, a force to be reckoned with.

In an interview with POPWRAP (a part of the NY Post) Katerina Graham let everyone know what to expect from Bonnie Season 2.

PW: Does the first episode pick up right where we left off with Elena walking into the kitchen?
Kat: Yep [laughs], it’s pretty insane. And I will say that Bonnie is really, really tough in the first episode back. She is not playing around. Bonnie will eff you up if you mess with her! She is also going to have to deal with Katherine. And that’s a whole new beast. Literally.

PW: In the finale she made a very ominous threat to Stefan — will season two see her sticking to that?
Kat: Yea. She really means that – she’s not going to help them any more. 

PW: And I would imagine her powers will only continue to grow?
Kat: Oh yea, she’s going to become even stronger. But it’s important she stay vulnerable too. You don’t want someone to raise hell with no motivation behind it. You can never forget the loss of a loved one and I don’t think she’ll ever get over losing her grams. That was her rock to this world. She wouldn’t do anything simply out of a hate for vampires. I don’t think she could ever justify that.

*All pictures from the CW unless otherwise noted.

Vampire Diaries Season 2 SPOILERS

Julie Plec (TVD Producer) was recently interviewed by The VRO on Blog Talk Radio. She gave a few hints as to what will come in the second season of The Vampire Diaries. She has to keep all of the really juicy stuff quiet but what she does reveal is very interesting. Here are a few of her answers to some of the popular asked questions. 

Will we move closer to the formation of Delena?”
The only thing I can say about them for season two, is that it’s going to be a very profound and powerful triangle that exists between our three heroes. Damon’s still got a long way to go until he’s man enough to deserve Elena. But he has a strong pull, a strong draw.”

(Man enough to deserve her?… So basically what I get form that is he’s going to change a little and maybe grow like his book character did until we get the actual Delena action. Oh but please don‘t make us wait too long…)

Sorry Stefan, but it’s going to happen… only a matter of time.

What impact will Katherine have on the triangle??
Plec says that “The triangle becomes more of a square because naughty Katherine is in the picture.”
Are Katherine and Elena related?
The answer is a solid yes. “Our position is very much that the bloodline is the Pierce bloodline. Isobel and Elena are very much related to Katherine. Elena looks like Katherine, they’re doppelgängers. That’s the big question that will continue to be asked deep into the second season”… and that‘s all she is going to give for that topic.

(Katherine wasn’t a good thing in the books and she’s already off to a craptastic start with her return so I don’t expect anything good to come from her. Eh but I won’t really miss Uncle John. Love square – which brother is still loving on her may surprise some but rumor has it Stefan isn‘t so over his first love. As for Damon, he made no attempt to find “the bitch“ after he learned she was alive and roaming free.)

(The Elena and Katherine relationship I am intrigued by. In the books there was a slight mention by Katherine that Elena must just be some descendent of her family so I wonder where they are taking this in the show.)

Will we learn more about Tyler and his affection for full moons?
“Tyler is crucial to this mythology. The werewolf element is crucial to this story. Season two is big time about the Lockwoods, so the first thing that happens is Mrs. Lockwood steps in as interim mayor.”

(If you’ve read the books it’s no secret, the Lockwoods are werewolves. I am wondering though if they will give the background of how it happened. In the books the werewolf trait was in his family since the settling of the original town (due to a ‘wolf attack‘). What is this going to do with Tyler’s ever changing attitudes? Tyler has been portrayed as a bit of an ass in the show but not as bad as in the books. They’ve softened his character on screen with the drama of the father-son relationship so I find myself not completely hating him. I’m looking forward to seeing how this story turns out!)

My, what big eyes you have Tyler… and such sensitive hearing, how strange.

Is Anna really dead?
Yes. “As far as we’re concerned, Anna is no longer in our world. Now, there’s flashbacks and all kinds of opportunities in the future, but Anna is dead.”

(For all of the people who were hoping to see more of Anna, you’ve got your answer now. The flashbacks mentioned can definitely be possible as I am sure we will see more with the Katherine story developing further.)

I don't think there is any way to come back from this.

The VRO on blogtalk

 Julie Plec and VRO interview

If you have the time, listen to the interview. Be warned though, the interview is 3 hours long. A lot of little hidden gems in it though – one is we will be seeing more of the Damon-Alaric bro-mance.

*** A little off topic but where the hell is MEREDITH? There have been mentions multiple times that she will appear (eventually) or that it is definitely a possibility… I think that her character would be great for season 2 and I know I’m not the only one out there who thinks this. The girl was important in the books and well, I love that she was the only one that scared Damon lmao that alone would be reason enough for her to be in the show! To see Damon scared of a human teenage girl… absolutely priceless. ***

First TVD Season 2 Promo Out

Following the Fall CW schedule announcement, the first Season 2 promo poster was released for The Vampire Diaries. Nothing new yet, just a typical cast pic with the blurb for Season 2. Looks like they just want to make sure that no one forgets TVD while they take a break.

First Look at TVD Season 2

It was announced quite awhile back that there will be a Season 2 for The Vampire Diaries. Thankfully Season 1 did exceptionally well in the ratings and the popularity continues to grow. The CW released the first sneak peek at Season 2 and what to expect.


Returning for its second season, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is the story of two vampire brothers obsessed with the same beautiful girl, and battling to control the fate of an entire town. During season one, Stefan and Damon Salvatore returned to their hometown of Mystic Falls, Virginia, for very different reasons – Stefan was determined to get to know Elena Gilbert, who bears a striking resemblance to Katherine Pierce, the beautiful but ruthless vampire the brothers knew and loved in 1864, while Damon was intent on releasing Katherine from the tomb where he believed she was trapped by a witch’s spell all those years ago. At the end of season one, Elena’s uncle set a plan in motion that brought the Founder’s Day celebration to an end amid chaos, destruction and death, and saw the return of the vengeful Katherine Pierce. Next season, the appearance of the villainous Katherine in Mystic Falls throws a wrench into the love triangle between Stefan, Elena and Damon, and the other residents of Mystic Falls must choose sides
as they fall victim to a new breed of danger. New and unexpected friendships will be forged, allies will become enemies, and hearts will be broken. Stefan and Damon will be forced to face a villain more evil and diabolical than they ever believed possible. And they’ll take their shirts off. Frequently.

The complete CW Fall Schedule HERE

A nice little teaser and a long Summer to wait. I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen when/if Damon finds out that was not Elena…