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TVD “Let The Right One In” re-cap

This week, we see that a stormy night in Mystic Falls is a bad omen and nothing good comes of it. Elena sleeping in bed gets startled awake by a window slamming open from the storm. It makes her really nervous and it should because it’s a sign of things to come.

In Jeremy’s room, Anna is there and wouldn’t you know, she loves storms.

Anna: I love storms.
Jeremy: Is that a vampire thing? ‘Cause I read vampires don’t like running water.
Anna: That’s only Dracula. Yeah, he was a complete wuss. Never showered, really smelly.
Jeremy: Seriously?
Anna: (laughs) First rule about vampires: don’t believe anything you read.

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TVD “A Few Good Men” re-cap

This weeks show starts off with a hiker in the woods who is surprised by a man who is disheveled and a bit out of date. The mystery man is our recent vampire escapee from the tomb. The vampire’s name is Harper and he wants to know what the day and year is. It’s Saturday 2010. Harper apologizes to the hiker then attacks and feeds off of him. Harper ends up changing into the hiker’s clothes and when the cell phone rings, Harper looks at it then tosses it.

At the Gilbert house, Elena is leaving Bonnie a message because she hasn’t heard from her and she’s worried. Jenna comes home and Elena asks her if she has any new info on her birth mother. They go inside where Jenna uses Bing to do a quick search. She tells Elena her mom’s name was Isobel Fleming and shows her an old class picture from 1993 she found online. Isobel’s friend Trudie Peterson who is also in the picture still lives close to Mystic Falls. Jenna goes on to tell Elena that Alaric’s wife who has died was named Isobel. Stefan comes over to the house and Elena tells him about all the she just learned. Elena isn’t sure if she should go see Trudie or not and Stefan wants to know how much she knows (with Isobel/ Alaric’s wife). Stefan reveals that he already knew Isobel was dead and he also offers to go with Elena if she decides to go see Trudie. Elena declines his offer and Stefan leaves to go check on a ‘mourning’ Damon.


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TVD “Fool Me Once” re-cap

This weeks episode starts out with Elena waking up on a bed in a hotel room. Turns out she is being held by Ben (the random new bartender at The Grill who Bonnie was crushing on). Oh, and he had absolutely no interest in Bonnie other than pleasing Anna who he thinks cares about him. Yeah Ben, you keep telling yourself that. You’re not a meaningless lackey at all she truly cares about the wonderful vampire that you are. Anyways, Elena tries to escape while Ben is asleep in a chair not far from the door. She gets to the door but before she can open it he vamp speeds over to her. Hey, she saw the chance and took it… it doesn’t matter that we all knew she wouldn’t make it – when you’re a hostage what the hell, go for it.

Ben the new vamp in town tries out a neat little trick Anna showed him. He tries to compel Elena and she plays along since he has no clue about the vervain. Smart move Elena. Ben turns his back since Elena is supposed to ’not move’ and she tries to get out again. Ah but then Anna comes in. Needless to say, Anna isn’t happy with Ben because he should have realized someone dating a vamp just might have vervain. Elena is put on lockdown in the bathroom where she discovers that Bonnie is in the bathtub unconscious.

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TVD “Lost Girls” re-cap

This week’s episode starts off with a quick glimpse of how last weeks ended. (Elena writing in her diary realizing Stefan is definitely not normal and putting all of the pieces together – see last weeks recap.)

Dear Diary, I am not a believer. People are born, they grow old, and then they die. That’s the world we live in. How can I deny what’s right in front of me? Someone who never grows old, never gets hurt. Someone who changes in ways that can’t be explained. Girls bitten, bodies drained of blood…” – Elena


With that diary entry of Elena’s, she decides to confront Stefan no matter how much she doesn’t want to believe. He tries to pull his shit together and get Elena to listen to him in hopes she would accept him as a vampire. Hey, he doesn’t feed on humans… at the moment. The cliffhanger of what happened to Vickie and all of her druggie friends at the cemetery is answered. Damon MAKES a new play thing and is impatiently waiting for Stefan to give up his ring because he really doesn’t like being stuck inside…. hence the new play thing to pass the time with. Elena gets a lesson in Salvatore history 101 which means flashbacks are rampant. And flashbacks mean that we finally get some more details on Katherine. Oh, and the ‘which brother had her first’ question that the brothers can’t seem to agree on is answered but turns out she just might have been the one in charge there. A long-awaited episode that will allow for many more juicy drama filled moments with twists and turns throughout the rest of the series thanks to one sentence – “I am a vampire”. It only gets better from here and prepare to really dislike Katherine…

We finally get a look at the infamous Katherine who still causes the Salvatore brothers to loath each other all these years later.

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TVD “You’re Undead to Me” re-cap

FINALY! She sees his face change… a person can only turn away so many times.

A quick rundown on this weeks episode:

Last week we were left with the cliff hanger of Damon locked in the boardinghouse cellar which is where we start off this week. It’s been three days and Damon is without his ring (so no sunlight for him), he has a decent amount of vervain in him, and he hasn’t fed. Stefan wants to reconnect with Elena who he hopes is welcoming. Elena has been wondering what the hell is wrong with Stefan that he’s been MIA for three days and she wants answers. Matt is left on the sidelines being a gentleman and giving advice to both Stefan and Elena. Caroline is trying to act like Damon never really happened but does a poor job of it and ends up under his spell once again. Bonnie is having some major inner conflict due to her newfound powers and ends up going to her grandmother. Jeremy and Vickie seem to be doing good together but it doesn’t last long because anything involving the words Vickie and good won’t last. We see the ominous crow pop up throughout the episode but sadly, it doesn’t end well for him. Stefan is ousted by a stranger who seems to know him and Elena is hungry for answers. She goes off to find them and is tremendously shocked when she puts the pieces together. She FINALY is ready to confront Stefan instead of making anymore excuses for all of the weird that has occurred. It just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t get more Damon so he gets freed but that won’t be good for everyone around him since he’s bound to be pissed . We end the show with One persons life ending and one persons fate being unknown. And all of that combined makes for the deliciousness that is The Vampire Diaries.

Read on for the re-cap and some pics/quotes

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TVD “Family Ties” re-cap

This weeks The Vampire Diaries episode was “Family Ties”. Indeed it has a lot of family ties and even a major history repeating itself moment. The show starts off this time not with Damon on another murderous adventure (take note… you will see less of the bad like that from Damon but the bad that remains will be very WOW bad… for now anyways… just take note because there is a reason down the road.) Anyways, we see Elena waking up due to hearing a noise. She gets up and goes downstairs to see what it is when the television turns on. It shows a breaking news story reporting another death from an animal attack. The death is of none other than Elena… huh? she is obviously not dead. All of a sudden, Damon is inside and she is freaking out. She runs but he is everywhere she runs to (vampire speed) and then he’s gone. But of course when she turns around he’s there and he BITES her in a bad way. So your thinking WTF right… well then Stefan wakes up. It was all a bad dream that Damon put in Stefan’s head to screw with him. They have their usual banter between each other that ends in Stefan stabbing Damon with a letter opener and Damon returning the favor (note to self: never damage Damon‘s designer shirts). They are both vampires though and random non heart piercing stabs won’t do anything but annoy them. By the way, DAMON TELLS STEFAN HE WANTS MORE THAN IN ELENA’S HEAD during the convo.  

At the Gilbert house, Jenna has the television on watching a real breaking news story that announces the vicious animal responsible for all of the attacks has been caught (Damon set it up). While watching this Jenna is throwing insults at the male reporter (Logan). Turns out he is the reason she left town originally. The jerk cheated on her. Elena is off gathering some family heirlooms to loan out for a famous town founders party. Jeremy protests and we later find out it’s because it’s his parents things and the watch (A POCKET WATCH) was promised to him by his father. The doorbell rings and it’s Stefan. Elena and Stefan go upstairs and start to makeout on her bed. Stefan’s face goes all bloodlusty so he pulls away pretty quickly. Elena asks him randomly after how he looks in a suit… yeah because someone looking like he does can’t possibly pull off a suit… please. He’s a little surprised that the founder’s party is still held (slip up on his part… he’s new and not really supposed to know that stuff). Elena tries to act like it’s whatever with her and she’s going because her mom loved going but she wants to go we can all see that and Stefan couldn’t be happier to go with her… uh-huh sure he loves bending over backwards trying to hide all of his not so little secrets. 

Stefan how long do you think you can just keep turning your head? She’s going to notice eventually…

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Night of the Comet re-cap

This weeks episode was another good one with an even further look into the characters and their lives. A few more pieces of the puzzle were given but of course, not without bringing up more questions or mysteries. We start with the mysterious fog making another appearance right before another attack (of course it’s presumed to be Damon – which it was). It then jumps to Stefan and Elena simultaneously waking up in their rooms thinking about how great it is to wake up knowing they are going to see the other. Lucky Jenna gets to go to a parent-teacher conference for Jeremy (as I recall, those were oh so fun right?). The conference didn’t go so hot with Mr. Tanner basically ripping her parenting skills to shreds and not so subtly suggesting she not have them (Jeremy and Elena) at all. That ends with Jenna doubting herself in a huge way and attempting to first relate with Jeremy over his drug usage then ransacking his room and later threatens grounding. Poor girl is all messed up and hard on herself until Elena ends up reassuring her that she is doing fine with the mess that they are. Caroline has no memory of the night with Damon other than it was with him and she was drunk. A little mind persuasion anyone? Jeremy all worked up confronts Tyler about Vickie and threatens to kill him if he ever hurts her again. The ass Tyler doesn’t show concern for Vickie in the least. Elena and Mat talk about how everything with Vickie is going and it ends up turning to the subject of her and “the new guy”. Mat keeps to his word of not giving up on Elena with that one and then later telling Stefan that he will always be there for her. Stefan overhearing their convo and a mention of Vickie thinking it was a vampire that attacked her he ends up at the hospital. He ends up giving her the mind whammy after Mat runs to find a nurse for a flipping out Vickie. Vickie was just all over the place in this episode and her mind is so screwed up with all of the mind changing both Damon and Stefan do to her. Even if you’ve never seen TVD before you know she is not going to make it out of this mess sane… or even alive for that mater because Damon has her on his radar as a play thing it seems. He attacks her yet again – this time in the bathroom at The Grill. On the subject of Damon and play things, Damon and Elena officially meet. Elena out looking for Stefan ends up t the boarding house. She walks in when no one answers and then that stalker of a Crow appears (flying IN the house). She dodges and turns to see Damon standing right behind her. An interesting convo for Elena… Stefan has a brother, was in love (with Katherine of course)… you can tell Damon is loving the hell out of this. Stefan walks in and he wasn’t loving it so much. Being cold and distant with Elena he walks her to the door and of course confronts Damon. They have some of that great banter between the two (I say great because I love how Damon always makes everything his own little game while Stefan tries hard as hell to have a serious convo ). The show eventually ends up at a town gathering for the passing comet. Bonnie and Elena talk about Stefan. Bonnie ends up calling out Elena on not really putting herself out there with him. Later Stefan ends up finding her and tries to apologize for how he was at the house and all that. Seems to be going good until Elena starts talking about Katherine and his heart-break and all the things with him she “gets”… 

ELENA – It’s Ok Stefan, I get it. You have no idea how much i get it. Complicated brother? Check. Complicated Ex? Check. Too complicated to even contemplate dating? Check. We met and we talked and it was epic, but then the sun came up and reality set in.

Elsewhere at the Comet gathering, Caroline spots Damon standing there looking.. Well just looking.. She walks towards him and he *poofs*. After the comet viewing, everyone apparently ends up going home or to The Grill. Stefan asks Bonnie if she’s seen Elena. Bonnie tries to help him out (and probably give Elena a push). Interesting little thing happens with the blossoming ‘psychic’ when she touches Stefan’s hand. She obviously sees something and is visibly shaken by it.

Of course, by the end of the show Elena goes to Stefan at the boarding house and have yet another feelings talk that fixes the last one. They watch the comet together and at last, we get the first kiss. Then back to Damon who is with Caroline getting all hot and heavy. Damon with his latest play thing gets a case of blood lust when his face changes with all those veins except his eyes go red instead of black. He bites Caroline and the show ends with her screaming.

Random quote from this episode… Damon, so bad but so good *sigh*
STEFAN  What are you up to Damon?
DAMON – That’s for me to know and for you to dot dot dot.


For a full detailed synopsis check out The Vampire Diaries Wiki Here

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Next week, the CW will be re-airing  TVD – Friday Night Bites followed by Moonlight – Out of the Past