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TVD “Let The Right One In” re-cap

This week, we see that a stormy night in Mystic Falls is a bad omen and nothing good comes of it. Elena sleeping in bed gets startled awake by a window slamming open from the storm. It makes her really nervous and it should because it’s a sign of things to come.

In Jeremy’s room, Anna is there and wouldn’t you know, she loves storms.

Anna: I love storms.
Jeremy: Is that a vampire thing? ‘Cause I read vampires don’t like running water.
Anna: That’s only Dracula. Yeah, he was a complete wuss. Never showered, really smelly.
Jeremy: Seriously?
Anna: (laughs) First rule about vampires: don’t believe anything you read.

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TVD “A Few Good Men” re-cap

This weeks show starts off with a hiker in the woods who is surprised by a man who is disheveled and a bit out of date. The mystery man is our recent vampire escapee from the tomb. The vampire’s name is Harper and he wants to know what the day and year is. It’s Saturday 2010. Harper apologizes to the hiker then attacks and feeds off of him. Harper ends up changing into the hiker’s clothes and when the cell phone rings, Harper looks at it then tosses it.

At the Gilbert house, Elena is leaving Bonnie a message because she hasn’t heard from her and she’s worried. Jenna comes home and Elena asks her if she has any new info on her birth mother. They go inside where Jenna uses Bing to do a quick search. She tells Elena her mom’s name was Isobel Fleming and shows her an old class picture from 1993 she found online. Isobel’s friend Trudie Peterson who is also in the picture still lives close to Mystic Falls. Jenna goes on to tell Elena that Alaric’s wife who has died was named Isobel. Stefan comes over to the house and Elena tells him about all the she just learned. Elena isn’t sure if she should go see Trudie or not and Stefan wants to know how much she knows (with Isobel/ Alaric’s wife). Stefan reveals that he already knew Isobel was dead and he also offers to go with Elena if she decides to go see Trudie. Elena declines his offer and Stefan leaves to go check on a ‘mourning’ Damon.


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TVD “Fool Me Once” re-cap

This weeks episode starts out with Elena waking up on a bed in a hotel room. Turns out she is being held by Ben (the random new bartender at The Grill who Bonnie was crushing on). Oh, and he had absolutely no interest in Bonnie other than pleasing Anna who he thinks cares about him. Yeah Ben, you keep telling yourself that. You’re not a meaningless lackey at all she truly cares about the wonderful vampire that you are. Anyways, Elena tries to escape while Ben is asleep in a chair not far from the door. She gets to the door but before she can open it he vamp speeds over to her. Hey, she saw the chance and took it… it doesn’t matter that we all knew she wouldn’t make it – when you’re a hostage what the hell, go for it.

Ben the new vamp in town tries out a neat little trick Anna showed him. He tries to compel Elena and she plays along since he has no clue about the vervain. Smart move Elena. Ben turns his back since Elena is supposed to ’not move’ and she tries to get out again. Ah but then Anna comes in. Needless to say, Anna isn’t happy with Ben because he should have realized someone dating a vamp just might have vervain. Elena is put on lockdown in the bathroom where she discovers that Bonnie is in the bathtub unconscious.

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Vampire Diaries Season 2 SPOILERS

Julie Plec (TVD Producer) was recently interviewed by The VRO on Blog Talk Radio. She gave a few hints as to what will come in the second season of The Vampire Diaries. She has to keep all of the really juicy stuff quiet but what she does reveal is very interesting. Here are a few of her answers to some of the popular asked questions. 

Will we move closer to the formation of Delena?”
The only thing I can say about them for season two, is that it’s going to be a very profound and powerful triangle that exists between our three heroes. Damon’s still got a long way to go until he’s man enough to deserve Elena. But he has a strong pull, a strong draw.”

(Man enough to deserve her?… So basically what I get form that is he’s going to change a little and maybe grow like his book character did until we get the actual Delena action. Oh but please don‘t make us wait too long…)

Sorry Stefan, but it’s going to happen… only a matter of time.

What impact will Katherine have on the triangle??
Plec says that “The triangle becomes more of a square because naughty Katherine is in the picture.”
Are Katherine and Elena related?
The answer is a solid yes. “Our position is very much that the bloodline is the Pierce bloodline. Isobel and Elena are very much related to Katherine. Elena looks like Katherine, they’re doppelgängers. That’s the big question that will continue to be asked deep into the second season”… and that‘s all she is going to give for that topic.

(Katherine wasn’t a good thing in the books and she’s already off to a craptastic start with her return so I don’t expect anything good to come from her. Eh but I won’t really miss Uncle John. Love square – which brother is still loving on her may surprise some but rumor has it Stefan isn‘t so over his first love. As for Damon, he made no attempt to find “the bitch“ after he learned she was alive and roaming free.)

(The Elena and Katherine relationship I am intrigued by. In the books there was a slight mention by Katherine that Elena must just be some descendent of her family so I wonder where they are taking this in the show.)

Will we learn more about Tyler and his affection for full moons?
“Tyler is crucial to this mythology. The werewolf element is crucial to this story. Season two is big time about the Lockwoods, so the first thing that happens is Mrs. Lockwood steps in as interim mayor.”

(If you’ve read the books it’s no secret, the Lockwoods are werewolves. I am wondering though if they will give the background of how it happened. In the books the werewolf trait was in his family since the settling of the original town (due to a ‘wolf attack‘). What is this going to do with Tyler’s ever changing attitudes? Tyler has been portrayed as a bit of an ass in the show but not as bad as in the books. They’ve softened his character on screen with the drama of the father-son relationship so I find myself not completely hating him. I’m looking forward to seeing how this story turns out!)

My, what big eyes you have Tyler… and such sensitive hearing, how strange.

Is Anna really dead?
Yes. “As far as we’re concerned, Anna is no longer in our world. Now, there’s flashbacks and all kinds of opportunities in the future, but Anna is dead.”

(For all of the people who were hoping to see more of Anna, you’ve got your answer now. The flashbacks mentioned can definitely be possible as I am sure we will see more with the Katherine story developing further.)

I don't think there is any way to come back from this.

The VRO on blogtalk

 Julie Plec and VRO interview

If you have the time, listen to the interview. Be warned though, the interview is 3 hours long. A lot of little hidden gems in it though – one is we will be seeing more of the Damon-Alaric bro-mance.

*** A little off topic but where the hell is MEREDITH? There have been mentions multiple times that she will appear (eventually) or that it is definitely a possibility… I think that her character would be great for season 2 and I know I’m not the only one out there who thinks this. The girl was important in the books and well, I love that she was the only one that scared Damon lmao that alone would be reason enough for her to be in the show! To see Damon scared of a human teenage girl… absolutely priceless. ***