About Me

I am one of the many people who got hooked on The Vampire Diaries  from the first episode. I was aware that the books were around but never read them until about halfway through the season. I decided to give them a try even though they are “teen” books and I have to admit I liked them. They’re a light read and not my first vampire series at all (there is a certain tall, blond viking that I am very partial to). I started this blog as kind of just my place to ramble and work out some thoughts on both the books and the show. TVD has so many things in it that can be taken different ways, and there are lots of little hints and secrets. I gladly welcome theories and random thoughts on my not so guilty pleasure of  The Vampire Diaries.

*On a side note I’m not really bothered by language or spoilers so feel free to speak your mind but at the same time don’t rip anyone to shreds – including me  😉

Email:  TVDbloodlust@netzero.net

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