TVD “There Goes The Neighborhood” re-cap


The show starts of at Mrs. Gibbons house (which I will refer to as vampire hostel from now on). The tomb vampires are trying to readjust to life outside the tomb and all of the new changes to the world. As we saw with Harper when he found the ringing cell phone in the hiker’s clothes last week, technology is beyond them at the moment. Anna tries to help them out with few suggestions.     

Anna: “There are over one hundred and fifty channels. It’s called a remote control.”     

Frederick is feeding off of Mrs. Gibbons and Anna walks in the room looking very repulsed. Mrs. Gibbons asks Anna if she wants a sip but Anna tells Mrs. Gibbons that she should go lay down and rest. Frederick doesn’t see humans as anything other than food so he compels her that she is fine.     



Over at Matt’s house, Matt goes and wakes up his mom who is trying to sleep off her late night partying. Matt requests (on behalf of the neighbors and himself) that she stops from bringing the party home. Matt tells his mother Kelly that he basically got her a bartending job at the Grill and no excuses, she’s going. Enter Caroline who tries to be polite to Kelly but Kelly chooses to ignore her and walk out of the room.     

At the high school, Elena and Stefan are talking and of course, the topic of Damon comes up but Elena isn’t too happy with him.     

Stefan: “Damon hasn’t said a word to me. Every time I try to talk to him he shuts me down.”
“Do you think he’s still trying to find Katherine?”
Stefan: “He waited 145 years, only to find out that Katherine couldn’t care less. That’s gotta hurt.”
“And it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.”
“You have every reason to be upset with him. Have you thought any more about …”
“About what? Isobel? My vampire birth mother who’s related to my vampire ancestor Katherine who screwed over your vampire brother Damon? Nah, haven’t thought about it at all.”
Stefan: “I’m sorry I brought it up.”
“It’d just be nice if we could get through one day without having to deal with any of it. No vampire mother, or brother.”
“No vampires at all?”
Elena: “No vampires, but you.” 

Elena has had enough of all the constant drama and wants a night of fun and just maybe go on a date with her boyfriend if that isn’t too much of a radical idea.     

Down the hallway, Matt and Caroline are also talking and Caroline like Elena wants to have a drama free date night. Matt suggests a movie at his house which doesn’t thrill Caroline.     

Matt: “We can watch a movie at my place.”
Caroline: “With your mom and a six-pack?”
Matt: “You know,.. You don’t really help the situation. You could always try to be nice.”
Caroline: “Oh,… I’m sorry. It’s hard for me to show kindness to people that hate me. I’m not that evolved.”


All of a sudden Matt spaces out on her because he spots Elena with Stefan and starts to get the pining over lost love look once again. Caroline sees what he’s watching and quickly suggests that a movie would be great. Matt distractedly says he’s fine with whatever she wants to do.     

Back at the vamp hostel, Pearl is teaching Harper to use a cell phone and what text messaging is all about.     

Pearl: “The keypad is for texting which is what you do when you want to avoid talking to someone.”     

While they are using Anna’s phone for Harper’s cell phone 101, Harper ends up playing a voicemail from Jeremy. Anna quickly grabs the phone and Harper nervously swears he didn’t break it. (Let me just say that at this point, regardless of the fact that Harper killed the hiker he is definitely growing on me. You can just tell he is/was one of those polite and kind men of long ago and the guy seems kinda sweet.)     


Then everyone gets curious who the guy is (Pearl not all that happy about it being a Gilbert). Harper teasingly asks if that’s her boyfriend and Pearl steps right in to say that is so not going to happen. Anna decides it’s time to change topic and shows that she’s got Mrs. Gibbons car keys and ATM card. Pearl might have grasped what cell phones are but she hasn’t gotten to the modern banking lesson yet but Anna tells her she’ll explain later. As Anna and Pearl are leaving the house to take care of some business Frederick appears. He wants to know where they are going because he isn’t happy staying in the house at all. Harper volunteers to keep an eye on things while Pearl is gone and you can so tell that Frederick is going to cause trouble latter.     

At the high school again, Caroline has the brilliant idea to set up a double date for matt and herself with Stefan and Elena. Elena seems a little uneasy about it but Caroline is all extra perky so everyone agrees to go out later that night.     


At the boardinghouse, Damon is just coming home and realizes someone is in the house. He goes to check it out and finds that Pearl and Anna are there. At some point Damon tries to choke pearl but Pearl is no longer the starved tomb vampire. She grabs his hand off of her throat and twists his arm telling him to sit down because they need to talk.     

We then jump over to the Gilbert house where Jeremy is on the computer in a chatroom about vampires. He wants to know how you become a vampire and how to kill one. He gets some joke responses but then user “Bloodybecky” who is a believer gives some answers that get Jeremy all extra interested. Looks like Jeremy finally has all of the pieces put together in his mind.     


Back to the boardinghouse where Pearl informs Damon that she and the tomb vampires are staying in a house together. Damon wants to know if it’s all 25 vampires but Pearl tells him it isn’t. Pearl tells Damon that she wants his help with stopping the vervain flow in the town and she wants to get her hands on a list of the founding families descendants. She announces that it’s time she and the other vampires reclaim and rebuild their homes in Mystic Falls.     

Damon: “What exactly are you trying to achieve?”
“Mystic Falls is our home. They took that from us — our land, our home — it’s time we rebuild.”
Damon: “What are you crazy? It was 1864. Wake up, woman. The world has moved on.”

Pearl tries to play on Damon’s heart and onetime obsession with Katherine by offering him a “gift” in return for helping.     

Pearl: “As a reward, I’m willing to give you what you want most — Katherine. I know how she thinks, her patterns, I know where to find her.”
Damon: “I no longer have any desire to see Katherine ever again and there is no way in hell I’m going to play the role of your little minion.”


Pearl isn’t too happy with Damon’s answer and she then gouges his eyes telling him that helping wasn’t an option. She was just offering Katherine’s location as a kindness not a trade.     

Pearl: “I have four hundred years on you, little boy. I’ll rip you from limb to limb without even blinking and you know it.”     

School is over and it’s date night. Stefan arrives at the Gilbert house with flowers for Elena.     


Elena is having second thoughts about the whole double date concept and suggests canceling. Stefan reassures her that everything will be fine and changes the subject a little. Stefan tells her that he always imagined bringing flowers to his girlfriend and going on dates and all of that human type stuff. Elena is struck by a thought…     

Elena: “Have you ever even been on a double date before?”
Stefan: “Oh, absolutely. ’72, Hef and the twins.”
Elena: “What?”
Stefan: “Yeah… playmates. I got Miss June.”

In town, Pearl and Anna meet with Jenna. Pearl is interested in a building that just happens to belong to the Gilbert family and it is one of the last original buildings in town. Jenna mentions that she thinks it was originally an old drugstore of some kind but Pearl corrects her saying it was an apothecary…. as in Pearls store we saw in one of the flashbacks when she was being all flirty with a founding Gilbert. Looks like Pearl wasn’t kidding when she said it’s time to reclaim what was theirs.     

At the Grill, Kelly is sitting at the bar and Damon comes in. He goes over to the bar and sits next to Kelly. She asks about him wearing sunglasses inside and that gets them talking about hangovers. Jenna then comes in and goes to the bar. She is happy to see Kelly back in town and Kelly tells her to sit down to have a drink. Damon says drinking is very good for the soul and they ll get drinks. Jenna comments “oh, very bad” as they all proceed to drink.     


Back at the vamp hostel, Frederick is extremely bored and says he hates being stuck in the house. Harper unsuccessfully tried to keep Frederick and Beth-Anne to stay but before they could really leave, Pearl comes back. She tells Frederick to follow the rules but Frederick is tired of the rules.     

At the Grill, the double date is in full swing as Matt and Elena reminisce about their childhood and how they’ve been friends forever. All of a sudden they all hear laughter and look over at the bar where they see Jenna, Kelly and Damon. None of the group is happy with what they see.     

Frederick and Beth-Anne go to leave the house again and Harper tells them that they shouldn’t but he is ignored.     


At the Gilbert house, Anna shows up surprising Jeremy because he thought she was leaving with her mom.     

Back at the Grill, Jenna is trying to tell Damon not to be so grumpy.     

Jenna: “Don’t be grumpy. It can’t be that bad.”
Damon: “You’d be surprised. My primary reason for existence has abandoned me and after today’s events, the remains of the shakey ground that I walk on are about to go kaboom. Let’s get hammered.”

Elena, Caroline and Matt reminisce about getting drunk at the Grill and being busted by Elena’s parents. The story swerves to Elena and Matt history leaving Caroline very unhappy. Stefan is just kind of watching this all happen while looking all thoughtful. Caroline abruptly announces she’s going to the restroom and tells Elena to go with her.     

As Elena is getting up to go with Caroline, Jenna spots them at the table. She has the genius idea of trying to hide.     


Jenna: “Hide. We’re not here.”
“Why? Where’d we go?”
Jenna: “Children under our care. Five o’clock.”

At the Gilbert house, Anna is telling Jeremy that there has been a change of plans. Her mom wants to open her dream shop and Anna herself is going to go to school. She happily tells Jeremy that he is going to be seeing more of her. Jeremy randomly says he’s going to be learning more about the whole vampire story because there has to be more reality to it.     

Jeremy: “Maybe they’re normal and good … just outsiders … misunderstood.”     

Anna tries to get him off of the vampire subject telling him they were just stories and nothing more.     

In the Ladies room at The Grill Caroline confronts Elena. Caroline wants to know what Elena was doing but Elena says they are just having a good time. Caroline tells her to stop reminiscing about the past.     

While the girls are gone, Matt and Stefan are attempting to talk.     

Stefan:This is all kind of new to me. I usually keep to myself, I don’t always fit in.”
Matt:That’s because you’re that guy.”
What guy?”
The guy who seems like he has everything so the people who don’t kind of run the other way.”
Is that what I seem like?”
Matt:Pretty much.”
Stefan:Hmm. What a dick.”


The girls come out of the bathroom and Frederick grabs Elena thinking that she’s Katherine. Elena tells him that he must have her confused with someone else and they just stare at each other. Caroline calls to Elena and Elena uneasily leaves. She gets back to Stefan and he asks her if she’s ok. She says she’s fine as she types on her cell “THAT MAN JUST CALLED ME KATHERINE.” Stefan looks up but the man is gone.     

Stefan and Elena drive to the boardinghouse and Stefan asks Elena if she recognized the man but she didn’t. Stefan suggests that they cancel the rest of the evening and ask Matt and Caroline to go home. Elena refuses to give in to more vampire drama because if another vampire is in town they will surely be there tomorrow. Stefan kisses Elena as Matt and Caroline pull up.     

They all go into the boardinghouse and Matt is in awe of the place. Caroline has a feeling that she’s been there before but dismisses the thought with:     

Caroline: “This is much better than watching Damon visit cougartown.”     

Matt spots a model car collection and he quickly ends up in guy car mode with Stefan. Stefan tells Matt to come with him, he thinks he has something he’ll like.     

At the Grill, the drinking threesome are buzzed and Kelly and Damon are busy tying knots in cherry stems with their tongues. They get all flirty so Jenna says that’s her cue to go. She walks outside and stumbles breaking a heel. Frederick appears and offers to help her. He evens out her shoes by breaking the other heel off. He hands it to Jenna and she thanks him. He gets all flirty and Jenna is going along with it somewhat. Jenna quickly backs off though saying that drunk a drunk her and random guy means bad things would happen. Frederick tries to compel her but Jenna just laughs. Frederick notices Jenna’s ring and asks her where she got it. She says it was a gift and leaves Frederick staring after her.     

Frederick: “Vervain… making it hard to find something to eat in this town.”     


At the boardinghouse, Stefan leads Matt to the garage where he shows him his car. Matt is in complete awe of the car and wants to know why he doesn’t use it. Stefan says it doesn’t run and Matt reminisces about fixing Elena’s father’s car. Elena starts talking about how they used to use the car and Caroline announces that she doesn’t like sports cars because there’s no room to makeout in them. Matt says that they (Elena and himself) never had any problems which of course makes Caroline storm out. Elena follows after her as Matt apologizes to Stefan. Stefan tells Mat he understands that they have a history together and it would be worse to ignore the fact. Matt tells Stefan that he now sees that Elena is really happy and that Stefan is good with her. Aww is this the start of the bromance of Matt and Stefan? Matt can sure as hell use a friend with the dram he deals with.     

Outside, Caroline isn’t so understanding and tells Elena that she is tired of always being the second choice for everyone. She’s second to Bonnie with Elena and She’s second with Matt for Elena. She goes on to say that Matt is always going to be in love with Elena. Elena tries to comfort Caroline as Matt and Stefan pull up with the car that Matt got running. Stefan suggests that Matt and Caroline go for a drive which they do.     

At the Gilbert house, Anna and Jeremy are making food. Jeremy cuts his hand purposefully and asks Anna for a towel. Anna says that she can’t but Jeremy is persistent and approaches her telling her it’s just blood. Anna is backed up against the counter as Jeremy walks right up to her. Anna grabs Jeremy by the throat and vamp speeds him up against the refrigerator. She asks him why he is doing this and he mutters “I knew it”. He tells Anna to “go ahead, do it” and Anna feeds off of his hand.     


A buzzed Jenna comes home and Jeremy and Anna hear her. Jeremy goes to say hi to Jenna who is going upstairs to bed. When Jeremy goes back in the kitchen, Anna is gone.     

Matt and Caroline are driving and Caroline still looks uncomfortable and unhappy. Matt asks Caroline if he passed her “Elena test”. Caroline says that she doesn’t know because so much of the night seemed to be centered around Elena. Matt tells her that the past happened and that yes Elena still means something to him because they are old friends with a lot of memories. Matt tells Caroline that tonight was about her and not Elena. He goes on to say that he wants to be with Caroline and then starts to stumble over his words. Caroline tells him he explained perfect and they kiss.     


Poor Matt once again had to be a unwilling witness to the wreck that is his mother.

At the boardinghouse, Damon comes home and he’s brought Kelly with him. They have a drink before kissing. The kiss leads to them getting hot and heavy and as Kelly is straddling Damon, Matt and Caroline enter followed by Stefan and Elena. Matt’s face says it all as he walks out beyond hurt and upset. Kelly just says omg mainly because she was busted. (I 100% feel bad for Matt having Kelly as a mother. She is a train wreck and who wants to walk in on their mother doing THAT with their friends brother?… or anyone for that matter. At least he didn’t come in a few minutes later…) Elena offers to give Caroline a ride home since Matt left and Damon is just sitting there enjoying his drink. Elena goes to leave and Stefan is worried for her safety. Elena says she’ll be fine and she will call him the second she gets home. No one is aware that Frederick is in the woods watching them.     

At the vamp hostel, Anna arrives and is confronted by Pearl. Pearl wants to know where she has been for the past 3 hours. Anna doesn’t want to say anything but apologizes. It’s going to be hard for Anna to get near Jeremy with Pearl wanting to keep her on a leash and with her obvious hatred for all Gilberts.     



Stefan goes into the boardinghouse and Damon immediately tells Stefan “Don’t even look at me like that.” Stefan asks Damon if he’s crazy but before he can finish Fredrick and Beth-Anne crash through a window. A fight ensues and Stefan gets injured while Beth-Anne ends up staked and very much dead. When Frederick sees her he vamp speeds out the window. Stefan looks at Damon and tells him:     

Stefan: “I remember them from 1864. They were in the tomb.”
Damon: “Yeah… About that.”

Matt and Kelly arrive home and Matt has had enough. Kelly starts to tear up maybe by some miracle realizing the epic parenting fail she is.     

Matt: “Do you know what I was doing tonight, Mom? I was having fun, you know, trying to forget about all the crap that I have to deal with everyday. Just enjoying a night with my friends. And then, there you are, wasted at the bar, where I work, by the way, to pay the bills that you don’t pay. And then you’re off acting like a freakin’ kid, hooking up with some guy half your age. I’m the kid, Mom. You’re supposed to be responsible for me.”     

All Kelly has to say to her son’s misery and openness is “I know Matt.”At the Gilbert house, Elena and Jeremy are getting ready for bed like it was just another night.     


Elena (brushing her teeth): “How was your night?”
(brushing his teeth): “Same old, same old. You?”
Elena: “Yep.”

At the vamp hostel, Frederick returns and Pearl asks where Beth-Anne is Frederick says she won’t be back. Pearl responds with “Oh?” Frederick tells her that she was right and they shouldn’t have gone out. Pearl offers Fredrick a drink then stabs him and reminds him to listen next time.     


Elena in bed call Stefan to tell him “all’s ok, I’m in bed now”. At the boardinghouse, while Stefan is on the phone we see Damon dragging Beth-Anne’s body to the fire place. Elena tells Stefan that she liked their night and Stefan says he did too. They hang up and Damon tells Stefan “A little help here.”     

Damon dragging Beth-Anne's body to the fireplace.


"A little help please?" (To Stefan who just got off the phone.)


As the show ends, Jeremy goes t his room and Anna is waiting for him in there. Anna immediately says “I could have killed you… why?”     

Anna: “How did you know?”
I knew this girl. Vicki. She was attacked by an animal, a bite to the neck. She started acting crazy, weird, and it seemed like drugs, but then you showed me those articles. And then I saw your face and how it changed the night in the cemetery when I kissed you.”
“You know you can’t tell anyone, right?”
Jeremy: “Who would believe me?”
“You’d be surprised.”
Jeremy: “Why didn’t you kill me?”
Anna: “I don’t know. Maybe I’m a sucker for guys like you.”
Jeremy: “Like what?”
Anna: “Lost. Why would you confront me about it? Why would you risk it?”
Jeremy: “Because if it was true, maybe it’s true about Vicki. And also because I want you to turn me.”


For a full detailed synopsis check out The Vampire Diaries Wiki Here     

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