Season 2 Character Promo Trailer and Ian Tweet

The CW released a “new” Damon centered character promo to start of the Season 2 countdown. This is the FIRST OFFICIAL promo trailer so be on the lookout for new ones to come out at any time. The juicy and much anticipated trailer that’s for and about Season 2 probably won’t come out until next month though but that’s just my opinion.

“Catch up with Damon Salvatore, the bad boy vampire of Mystic Falls. The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, September 9 8/7c. “


Also, Ian Somerhalder tweeted this pic of the script cover for episode 1 (titled “The Return“).

"In the first table read of season 2. I'm in a room with the ENTIRE cast and creators! "

Ian Somerhalder’s Twitter Page Here

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