TVD “A Few Good Men” re-cap

This weeks show starts off with a hiker in the woods who is surprised by a man who is disheveled and a bit out of date. The mystery man is our recent vampire escapee from the tomb. The vampire’s name is Harper and he wants to know what the day and year is. It’s Saturday 2010. Harper apologizes to the hiker then attacks and feeds off of him. Harper ends up changing into the hiker’s clothes and when the cell phone rings, Harper looks at it then tosses it.

At the Gilbert house, Elena is leaving Bonnie a message because she hasn’t heard from her and she’s worried. Jenna comes home and Elena asks her if she has any new info on her birth mother. They go inside where Jenna uses Bing to do a quick search. She tells Elena her mom’s name was Isobel Fleming and shows her an old class picture from 1993 she found online. Isobel’s friend Trudie Peterson who is also in the picture still lives close to Mystic Falls. Jenna goes on to tell Elena that Alaric’s wife who has died was named Isobel. Stefan comes over to the house and Elena tells him about all the she just learned. Elena isn’t sure if she should go see Trudie or not and Stefan wants to know how much she knows (with Isobel/ Alaric’s wife). Stefan reveals that he already knew Isobel was dead and he also offers to go with Elena if she decides to go see Trudie. Elena declines his offer and Stefan leaves to go check on a ‘mourning’ Damon.


At the boardinghouse, Damon doesn’t seem to be as heartbroken (on the outside anyways) as one would think. Damon is having a little party with a few college frat girls. Damon is feeding off of one of the girls who wants to know which girl tastes the best. Damon promises that she does (but shh don’t tell your friends).

Then Stefan comes in and turns on a light so Damon responds to his entrance with:

Damon: “No, buzzkill bob!”

Stefan would like to know what Damon is doing with the random “tri-delts” but Damon assures him they will end up back in a dorm happy and unaware. Stefan wants to talk to Damon about the tomb incident but Damon doesn’t want to hear it.

Damon: “Your worried about me, don’t be, there’s no need I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be? I’ve spent the last 145 years with one goal: Get in that tomb! I succeeded. Granted Katherine wasn’t in there to be rescued, but why dwell? You know, it’s so liberating not having a master plan because I can do whatever the hell I want.”
Stefan: “That’s kinda what I’m worried about.”

Stefan give up on the subject of Katherine for now and asks Damon about a woman named Isobel in North Carolina. Damon wants to know why he needs to know and Stefan says it’s important. Damon lets a little of his TRUE feelings and gloominess slip out with:

Damon: “Nothing is important anymore.”

Damon is absolutely through with this conversation and leaves the boarding house telling Stefan:

Damon: “I have to go and exploit some women in the name of grief, which I’m sure you understand.”

At Matt’s house, he is on the couch with Caroline watching television. She gets bored and thinks they should do something more “bachelor paddy”. They start to make out and take their clothes off when Matt’s long-lost mother comes in.

Kelly: “Oh god, not on my couch.”

Caroline is really embarrassed and things do not get better for her with Matt’s mother Kelly. I kinda felt sorry for her in this episode.

Elsewhere, Jenna is putting up a banner for a charity bachelor auction. Alaric is helping her and Jenna suggests that he should sign up to be auctioned.

Alaric: “Weird ya know me being raffled off like a Disney cruise.”

He isn’t too sure but she assures him and they end up kissing. Jenna then awkwardly tells him about Elena’s birth mom because she feels obligated to. Alaric says there is no way it could be HIS Isobel and it’s just not possible. Jenna shows him a picture of her on her cell phone and you can tell it hit Alaric hard. He stammers about how she never told him and he abruptly has to go. He is very shaken when he leaves.

Elena ends up at Trudie’s house and hesitates to knock. She finally does and Trudie answers. Elena introduces herself and asks Trudie about Isobel. Trudie wants to know why and Elena tells her that she thinks Isobel is mom. Trudie is shocked “OMG you’re her daughter..” and she gave off the vibe that she definitely has info. Trudie asks Elena if wants some tea because she was about to make some. She doesn’t invite Elena in but tells her where the kitchen is. When Elena crosses the threshold, Trudie is very attentive and watching Elena’s feet enter.

Elena and Trudie are sitting at the kitchen table and Elena is rambling about how she wasn’t sure if she should come. She had the address and was out and just went to her (Trudie’s) house. Trudie tells Elena it’s ok that she came and that she hasn’t herd of/from Isobel in forever. Trudie says that Isobel had her share of problems but she ended up getting her life together. She “was a smart girl” and got a scholarship to Duke university in North Carolina. Elena asks her if she knew her father.

Elena: “Do you have any idea who my father is?”
Trudie: “I could never get her to fess up.”

Trudie leaves the room for a minute and she sends a text saying “She’s Here”.

Back at Matt’s house, Kelly is talking to him and trashing Caroline. Kelly asks if the “blonde is the new flavor of the month”. Matt defends Caroline and asks his mom if she’s heard from Vickie. We all know the answer to that one but… Kelly hasn’t and she gives some parenting wisdom of “she’ll show up eventually”. What a mother she is… Matt finally just wants to know WHY she came back. Kelly asks if she needs a reason to come home and want Matt to catch her up on everything she missed.

Stefan meets with Alaric at the town square and Alaric is very impatient. He wants more information from Damon about what he did with Isobel. Stefan tells him to hold off because Elena doesn’t know it was Damon. Alaric doesn’t fully care because he thinks the time to wait is over. Stefan asks Alaric for a picture of Isobel. He plans to show it to Damon when he asks what he knows again. Stefan leaves and Alaric goes into flashback mode.

Alaric is awakened by his wife who is working on her computer. Alaric comments to her that:

Alaric: “I’m in a three-way here with you and your computer. The least you can do is let me know what you’re up to.”

Isobel tells him that she is doing research on a small town in Virginia where she grew up. There are a lot of mysterious deaths and the bodies have been drained of blood. She says it has to be vampires and Alaric isn’t a believer. He jokes that he’ll get his garlic but Isobel says it isn’t a joke and she’ll prove it.

Alaric: “You’re like Mulder only hotter… and a girl.”
Isobel: “And Mulder was right in the end.”

Trudie goes back to the table with the tea ready and hands it to Elena. She tells Elena about Isobel and her were cheerleaders who got a lot of attention. Elena takes a drink of her tea and asks Trudie what she put in it. Trudie says it’s an herbal mixture. Elena smells it and realizes it’s vervain. Elena puts the pieces together and tells Trudie she didn’t invite her in and put vervain.. She must know something. Trudie quickly asks Elena to leave NOW. Elena walks to her car and sees a man standing in the middle of the street watching her. She hurrys to leave as the man starts to walk toward her.

At the Grill Alaric is drinking his sorrows away when Damon comes in with the same intentions.

Damon: “Don’t you have some papers to grade?”
Alaric: “It’s, uh… more fun with a buzz.”
Damon: “Well, most things are. Sober is… depressing.”

They have some weird convo about depression and Alaric has enough af being around Damon so he leaves.

Alaric: “You have a good afternoon.”
Damon: “Not likely”

Sheriff Forbes comes in and comments that it’s a little early to be drinking. Damon makes a comment about his heart being ripped out and she says she’s been there. Damon being smooth as ever returns with “Oh yeah, gay husband… she’ll have what I’m having” (to the bartender). Sheriff Forbes mentions the bachelor auction and that she has to get someone signed up or Mrs. Lockwood will throw a fit. She asks Damon if he will do it and he agrees.

Damon: “You know… a room full of woman clamoring to win a date with me… sounds tasty.”

Damon asks a favor of the Sheriff. He want info on Alaric Saltzman and tells her that something just doesn’t seem right about him. She says it’s no problem.

At Trudie’s, the mystery man in the street knocks on the door. Trudie answers and he thanks her for the text message. Trudie tells him that the girl knew something. He says it’s no problem because she won’t get any closer. The man tries to get in the house and Trudie says she won’t invite him in. He isn’t a vamp though so he forces his way in. Trudie gets thrown down the stairs and dies as a result.

Harper is out wandering at the town square and he sees a woman that he appears o recognize. Wouldn’t be anything special except there aren’t supposed to be anymore vampires in Mystic Falls and he’s been locked up in the tomb for years. Looks like the vampire population in town has grown rapidly recently.

Elena goes to the boardinghouse looking for Stefan but finds a shirtless Damon instead.

Elena: “Stefan?”
Damon: “Better. Me.”
Elena: “You look, uh…”
Damon: “Dashing? Gorgeous? Irresistible?”
Elena: “Wrecked. You look wrecked.”

Elena is worried about Damon but he says he’s fine. Elena tells him that she found out about who her mom is.

Elena: “So… I found out who my birth mother is.”
Damon: “Uggh, who cares?” [Elena looks at him] “She left you. She sucks.”


Damon is on a role with the screw whoever left or hurt you party in this episode. I’m guessing he isn’t hurt too often because the boy isn’t handling this very well. Elena and Damon have a close moment and then Stefan comes in. Elena backs a way real quick and looks a bit guilty (oh yeah, that bond is there and growing!).Damon goes to finish getting ready and Stefan and Elena talk about him and how he’s doing.

Elena: “He’s fine.”
Stefan: “He’s Damon.”
Elena: “Maybe this heartache will be good for him. It reminds him that he has one, even if it doesn’t beat.”

Elena then tells Stefan about Trudie and her visit. Stefan show’s Elena Alaric’s picture of Isobel. He also tells Elena that Isobel knew about vampires. Elena wants to ask Alaric questions but Stefan asks her to hold off.

It’s auction time and Alaric and Jenna are there.

Jenna: “That’s a good look for you.”
Alaric: “What? Embarrassed and uncomfortable?”
Jenna: “Yep. That’s… that’s the one.”

Alaric apologizes for leaving so abruptly earlier. Jenna apologizes for bringing up Isobel earlier and suggests that maybe he could tell Elena about her. Alaric doesn’t think that’s a good idea right now.

At the boardinghouse, Damon comes back into the room and asks Stefan “Where did our girlfriend go?” (Can I just say how much I loved that quote, classic Damon!) Stefan tells him she left and he shows him the picture of Isobel. He asks Damon if he knows her and Damon wants to know why/who wants to know. Stefan won’t say.

Back at the auction, Kelly is being bitchy to Caroline. Matt, Caroline, and Elena are all talking and Kelly goes to say hi to them. She acknowledges Elena fondly and ignores Caroline. Elena is left extremely uncomfortable.

Damon is talking with Mrs. Lockwood. Damon flirts with her and she seems to forget that she is married. After Mrs. Lockwood leaves Damon, Sheriff Forbes goes up to him. She gives him the info on Alaric. She says his wife disappeared in North Carolina and that her name was Isobel. Damon looks over at Alaric and gives him a creepy ass smile. Yeah, cue the evil doom music because Damon isn’t happy and he HATES being crossed/lied to.

The auction has now started and Mrs. Lockwood is giving a brief introduction of all the bachelors. When she gets to Alaric, he doesn’t have much to say but when she gets to Damon things get interesting.

Mrs. Lockwood: “We don’t have much on you.”
Damon: “I’m tough to fit on a card.”

She asks Damon to tell a little bit about himself so he starts talking about how he loves to travel. He especially enjoyed a trip to the North Carolina Duke campus. He met a very delicious woman there who he had a drink with… and it was just lovely. While everyone else is being charmed by Damon, Alaric is listening in shock and Elena realized what Damon did. Elena is at her table looking at Damon and crying in horror.

She leaves the Grill quickly and Stefan catches up with her outside the door. Elena is on the verge of a meltdown and asks Stefan if Damon killed her mother. Stefan apologizes and Elena is upset that she ever felt sorry for Damon. Stefan tells her that Damon doesn’t know Isobel was. Elena can’t believe that Stefan is defending Damon. It turns out that Elena wasn’t the only one hoping Damon could change, Stefan was also hoping that his brother could be different also. All of a sudden, Elena sees the same man who was in the street at Trudie’s behind Stefan. Stefan tells her to go inside.


Damon: [after Elena collides with him] “Uh-oh, easy there, buy a ticket like everyone else.”

Damon is all cheery but Elena is understandably upset. Elena asks him if he’s having fun rubbing it in and Damon of course is lost. He has no clue what she is talking about so Elena elaborates

Damon: “Am I missing something here?”
Elena: “Did I forget to mention earlier when we were talking about my birth mother, the one that gave me up? Her name was Isobel. Go ahead. Reminisce about how you killed her.”

Elena walks away leaving Damon with a look on his face that is very un-Damon like. It’s a mix of shock, horror, and oh shit what did I do. Yet another time where Damon’s feelings show because he is never one to feel bad over a murder but hurting Elena definitely bothered him.


Elena goes back outside with Stefan and the mystery stalker man is waiting there. Elena has had enough but Stefan stops her from walking closer because the man is under compulsion. The man has a message for her, “Stop looking”. Elena asks him if she knows him but he says he’s “finished”. He then backs up into the street and gets hit by a semi truck. Elena and even Stefan are shocked. They run to check on him but he’s dead. Elena swipes the mans cell phone that was lying on the ground and hides it right before Stefan tells her they need to leave.

At the auction all of the bachelors have been paired of with someone and Caroline trying to be nice to Kelly tells her that she will have a good time on her date. Kelly doesn’t want to deal with Caroline because she doesn’t like her and thinks she’s as fake as her mother. Damon was won by Mrs. Lockwood who without a doubt rigged it that way because her cougar self has had her eye on him for quite a few episodes now.

Alaric goes into flashback mode again after Damon is MIA (disappeared after Elena confrontation). Isobel and Alaric are talking and the sum of their conversation is that she wants more than what she has with Alaric. So really, is he shocked she went looking for a vampire because she practically screamed it out that she would.

Over at Matt’s house, Kelly is drunk s Matt gets to take care of her. Kelly asks Matt not to leave her because he is all she has left. Matt says he isn’t going anywhere as his mom passes out.

At the boardinghouse, Damon comes home and starts to pour a drink. Alaric is waiting to ambush him but Damon IS a vampire so he knows. Without turning around, Damon asks Alaric if he’s really that stupid. Alaric goes for Damon and ends up tossed across the room. Alaric wants to know where Isobel is. Damon asks if he wants the truth because truth is that she was delicious.

Damon: “She came to me, all pathetic, looking for vampires. There was something about her that I liked. Something special.”
Alaric: “You turned her because you liked her?”
Damon: “No. I slept with her because I liked her. I turned her because she begged me to. But you knew that too, didn’t you? I guess she wasn’t happy at home. Wasn’t happy with life in general. Wasn’t happy with you. Now this is a shame. We’re kindred spirits. Bitten by the women we love. Unrequited love sucks.”

Alaric again goes after Damon and uses Alaric’s own stake on him.

Damon: “Hmm I hit a lung. I guess I get to watch you die.”

Alaric slowly dies on the floor as Damon sits down to have his drink in front of the fireplace. Stefan comes home and sees Alaric on the floor.

Stefan: “What happened? What did you do?”
Damon: “Do what? He attacked me. I only told him the truth, his wife didn’t want him anymore. Isn’t my fault he couldn’t… handle it.”
Stefan: “Like you’ve been handling Katherine?”
Damon: “I’m handling it fine. You know what? Isobel came to me, she found me, and if she’s related to Elena, that means she’s related to Katherine… Maybe Katherine sent her to me.”

Damon walks out of the room telling Stefan that he can handle this (referring to Alaric’s body). Stefan sits down staring at Alaric who all of a sudden starts gasping for air. Stefan rushes to his side and asks him if Damon turned him or slipped him blood. Alaric says no and after a moment of thinking realizes that he must be alive because of his ring. Stefan asks where he got the ring and Alaric goes into another flashback.

Isobel and Alaric are talking and she gives him the ring. She tells him that she will always love him and asks that he never takes the ring off.

Isobel: “I am selfish, and I’m obsessed, and I’m a horrible wife. But you love me anyway.”

Alaric back in reality says it’s impossible that the ring could save him (even though people just bounce back from being staked daily).

At the Gilbert house, Elena is looking all sad and uses the stolen mysteries man phone (presumably to call last dialed/received number). A woman answers pretty quickly.

Woman (on phone): Was there a problem? Did you find her?
Elena: Isobel?

The show ends with Harper walking in the woods towards a house. Pearl answers the door and tells him that she is glad he found them. The human owner of the house (Mrs. Gibbons) is compelled to invite him in and Anna shuts the door behind him. Looks like Pearl and Anna didn’t leave after all and seem to have some kind of vampire hostel going on. That can’t possibly be good for the people of Mystic Falls who’s ancestors originally condemned them all to the tomb.


For a full detailed synopsis check out The Vampire Diaries Wiki Here

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