TVD “Fool Me Once” re-cap

This weeks episode starts out with Elena waking up on a bed in a hotel room. Turns out she is being held by Ben (the random new bartender at The Grill who Bonnie was crushing on). Oh, and he had absolutely no interest in Bonnie other than pleasing Anna who he thinks cares about him. Yeah Ben, you keep telling yourself that. You’re not a meaningless lackey at all she truly cares about the wonderful vampire that you are. Anyways, Elena tries to escape while Ben is asleep in a chair not far from the door. She gets to the door but before she can open it he vamp speeds over to her. Hey, she saw the chance and took it… it doesn’t matter that we all knew she wouldn’t make it – when you’re a hostage what the hell, go for it.

Ben the new vamp in town tries out a neat little trick Anna showed him. He tries to compel Elena and she plays along since he has no clue about the vervain. Smart move Elena. Ben turns his back since Elena is supposed to ’not move’ and she tries to get out again. Ah but then Anna comes in. Needless to say, Anna isn’t happy with Ben because he should have realized someone dating a vamp just might have vervain. Elena is put on lockdown in the bathroom where she discovers that Bonnie is in the bathtub unconscious.

At the boardinghouse, Damon is reading the grimoire when Stefan comes in. Stefan announces that Elena was taken by Anna.

Stefan: Anna took Elena.
Damon: Yeah, I got that from your 600 voicemails.

Damon doesn’t seem interested and Stefan tries to convince him to help.

Stefan: (searching for Elena) You were with Anna, you must know where she’s living. Just tell me where I can find her.
Damon: Nope…you can go. Really.
Stefan: “You know, all I can remember is hating you. There might have been a time when that was different, but your choices have erased anything good about you. But see – I also know that you have just as much reason to hate me. This all began with me. Katherine got taken away from you because of me. And I’m sorry.”
Damon: “Apology accepted.”
Stefan: “So please – just tell me what you know. It’s Elena, Damon, if you know something, tell me.”
Damon: “I mean this sincerely – I hope that Elena dies.”

(Ah but will he REALLY let Elena die? Seems Damon has massive hurt feelings thanks to Stefan and Elena – who he trusted – betraying him. Hell hath no furry like a scorned Damon… but it is Elena and no matter what he says, HE CARES.)

Back at the hotel, Bonnie and Elena are still shut in the bathroom and want to talk. Elena turns on the faucet to drown out there convo – isn’t vamp hearing super strong/sensitive? Elena tells bonnie that the grimoire can be used to open the tomb and a witch is required. Ben comes in and Bonnie says she won’t help them (with the tomb). He grabs Elena and takes her to Anna. Anna tells Elena how much of a doppelgänger she is for Katherine which must have the Salvatores reeling. Elena isn’t too sure who the hell Anna is which surprises Anna since Jeremy and her are “practically dating”.

Over at the Grill, everyone is talking about a big party coming up. Apparently the Duke party is the party of the year or something and everyone goes. Caroline asks Jeremy where Elena is since she’s been MIA. Caroline also mentions that Jeremy should go to the party because it’s also for quiet loner boys. After talking to Jeremy Caroline goes up to Matt and announces that she has a speech prepared. Lucky us we get to hear it. She offers Matt an out from their relationship but he doesn’t want it so they make plans to go to the party later.

At Grams house, Damon is at the door. When Grams answers with:

Grams: “You got some nerve knocking on a Bennett witch’s door and asking her for anything.”
Damon: “What’d I do?”
Grams: “Spirits talk, Mr. Salvatore. So does my granddaughter. You are no friend to us. Now get off my porch.”

Damon isn’t happy and starts to stand up to her – so Grams uses her witchy powers to cause Damon to have what looks like the worlds worst headache.

At the hotel, Anna and Elena are still talking and Elena wants to know why Anna wants her. Anna happens to be another vampire who wants that tomb open. Elena thinks it’s for Katherine but Anna isn’t a part of the Katherine fan club.

Anna: No one I know wants to see that girl again. Except Damon, the love struck idiot.
(ah Anna is a smart girl)

It turns out that Anna’s mother (Pearl) is in the tomb and she wants her out. Katherine can go ahead and rot. Oh, and Elena learns that her ancestor Jonathon Gilbert is the one who took Pearl away. Elena tries to apologize but Anna would rather skip over the dead mom bonding and uses Elena’s cell phone to call Stefan. She says Elena is fine and says that one of the brothers needs to meet her at the town square for a negotiation (Elena for the grimoire). Damon is in the background using his vamp hearing to listen in but he really doesn’t care because he hopes Elena dies you know… Stefan tries to plead with Damon who tells him to feel free to grovel again but he doesn’t care.

Ben was left in charge of watching the girls in he hotel while Anna goes to the meeting. Ben was being a bit of an ass and makes a few threats. Bonnie asks if there is anything to drink (Ben wants to know if she’s offering). Elena hands Bonnie a glass of water that was on a bedside table. Bonnie tosses the water on Ben and uses her powers to set the water on fire. The girls make a mad dash for the door and Bonnie gets partially out when Ben grabs Elena. He tells Bonnie if she doesn’t com back in Elena is dead. Bonnie comes back in and shuts the door behind her.

At the town square Anna is waiting for one of the brothers to show up when Jeremy comes up to her. They have a little bonding moment and he invites her to the party and she accepts. Jeremy leaves and Anna sits down on a bench right before Damon appears for the meeting. (Strange how someone who doesn’t care if Elena dies or not would show up to a meeting set up to negotiate to get her back.)

Anna says she wants in the tomb but Damon doesn’t see why he should possibly help her.

Damon: Stefan will come after you, you know that. For messing with Elena.
Anna: God, it’s like 1864 all over again. You Salvatore’s are truly pathetic when it comes to women.

Anna doesn’t care about the threat and she calls his bluff. She gets up to walk away while saying that Elena doesn’t matter to her and she’ll just kill her if she doesn’t get her mom back. As Anna is walking away Damon agrees to help and Anna tells him what to do.

Damon caves with Anna's threat on Elena's life.

Oh and at some point Anna calls it as it is telling Damon that it’s just like Katherine all over again but I can’t remember at what point she said it. Eh – whenever she said it it was awesome because it’s true. Both of the brothers are after the same girl (whether a certain bad boy fully realizes it or not yet is besides the point).

While the meeting was going on at the town square, Stefan was out searching for Elena since he figured Damon wouldn’t help. He apparently enlisted Grams’ help to locate the girls (she used a locator spell). Stefan busts into the hotel and asks if they are okay and tells Ben to leave town or get killed. Everyone leaves while Ben is left to cower behind the bed since the door was left open letting in a lot of sunlight.

Everyone is at Grams house discussing what to do next. Bonnie helps Stefan and Elena talk Grams into helping but Damon is also needed. Elena says she will get him to help because she knows what has to be done.
(Yep, Elena is starting to figure Damon out and she knows that he is used to Stefan/brotherly drama so his betrayal wasn’t as big. Elena’s betrayal however was BIG and that visibly showed when it happened.)

Anna goes back to the hotel and wants to know what the hell Ben did. Ben is still hiding from the sun behind the bed and Anna is visibly not happy. She sits down and tries to think of a new plan because no matter what she’s getting into that tomb.

Back at the boarding house, Damon is getting ready to leave with the grimoire when Elena comes in. Elena says that they were both protecting the people that they loved and that she wants to work with him. Damon doesn’t want to because she’s already betrayed him once. Elena tries to convince him that they can help each other and she mentions that he didn’t compel her when they were in Atlanta. Damon asks her how she knows he didn’t but Elena knows he didn‘t.

Elena: “You and I, we have something. An understanding. And I know that my betrayal hurt you; different from how it is with you and Stefan. But I’m promising you this now: I will help you get Katherine back.”
Damon: “I wish I could believe you.”
Elena (takes off vervain pendant): “Ask me if I’m lying now.”

Damon tells Elena that Stefan will try to interfere with opening the tomb but Elena assures him that they can deal with Stefan. Damon takes the necklace and puts it back on Elena and tells her:

Damon: (to Elena) I didn’t compel you in Atlanta because we were having fun. I wanted it to be real. I’m trusting you. Don’t make me regret it.

Now it’s night and it’s time for the ‘Duke’ party. Damon and Elena are on their way to the tomb when they happen upon the party. Damon plans to keep on moving but they run into Caroline and Matt and Caroline of course has to say something.

Caroline: Elena, oh my god, where have you been?
Damon: Long story, no time to tell it.
Caroline: Wasn’t talking to you.
Damon: Sure you were.
Matt: (to Damon) We haven’t met, I’m Matt.
Damon: Matt, there’s a reason we haven’t met. (grabs Elena’s arm) You and I are going that way.

Caroline and Matt both look a little shaken/uncomfortable with the encounter. Caroline looked like it bothered her to see Elena with Damon even though she isn’t supposed to give a rats ass about Damon. Matt always looks uncomfortable when Elena is with another guy but at least he is always the gentleman who tries to make the best of the situation. It’s too bad we can’t say the same for Caroline who always says something that gets her in trouble with someone and this time that someone is Matt. There is more of Caroline and Matt later and I think she gives him speech number three (yeah I’m seriously not a Caroline fan so I don’t even remember when she even gave speech 2 but I know she did. ) Anyways, they eventually end up okay and all happy the end on them for this episode.

At the tomb, the witches are setting up and Stefan has a plan to destroy the tomb vampires with a little fire. Elena and Damon arrive on scene (Damon with a curt greeting of “Brother. Witches.“) and it’s time for the witches to do their stuff.

At the party, Tyler approaches Jeremy for drugs since “he’s a partier”. Jeremy says he doesn’t do that anymore and if he did it wouldn’t be with Tyler. Tyler insults Jeremy who is both not fun and friendless. Tyler leaves and then Anna shows up for which Jeremy is hugely grateful. Anna suggests they go for a walk and they start talking. Jeremy clumsily suggests they should be together but Anna says that she is moving away with her mom. Jeremy says that’s a bummer and Anna says goodbye. They end up kissing and Anna’s face changes. Jeremy starts to ask what’s wrong when Ben hits him over the head and knocks him out. Anna didn’t think it was necessary to hit him so hard but a jealous Ben disagrees. Anna tells Ben it’s time to go and that she’s taking Jeremy to her mom.

The witches are doing their thing and Damon pulls out an IV bag of blood. Stefan asks what it’s for when Damon says it’s for Katherine…. Unless Elena is offering?… Damon then looks t Stefan and says:

Damon: Admit it – You can’t wait to get rid of me.
Stefan: I can’t wait to get rid of you.

(Yes Stefan wants him gone but not just because of all of the destruction and bad Damon stuff, Stefan is starting to see that Elena and Damon have a bond and he notices more and more throughout the episodes – including this one – as the bond grows.)

The witches are working overtime with their powers and the tomb starts to open. Stefan goes to get the gasoline he stashed and while he’s gone Damon tells Elena she’s going with him. Grams threatens Damon not to take Elena and Bonnie protests but Damon basically tells her “yeah right, you would attack me either way”. Elena assures everyone it’s okay and she understands that Damon just needs leverage so he knows no one will screw him over.

While Stefan is setting up the gas, he runs into Anna and Ben. Anna tells him that if he interferes with her Jeremy will die. Ben is more than happy with the prospect of killing Jeremy (I’m pretty sure he’s jealous since you know, he still thinks Anna gives a shit about him). Anna leaves to go in the tomb leaving Ben and Stefan in a standoff. Stefan tells Ben Anna doesn’t really care about him but Ben shrugs it off. He doesn’t care (so he says) since he’s got what he wants – immortality. Ben attacks Stefan but not quick enough because Stefan sprays him with a makeshift gasoline flamethrower.

And now the vampire Ben is no more. I bet he thought Anna would mourn him...

In the tomb, Damon disappears to search for Katherine leaving Elena to wander alone. Elena can’t really see so she starts to get nervous calling out for Damon. She really starts to panic when she starts t see all of the shriveled vamps scattered in the tomb.

Stefan gets back to the tomb and asks where Elena is. Bonnie tells him that Damon took her inside so Stefan starts to go in the tomb to get her. Grams stops him from going in because he won’t be able to come back out. It turns out that they only opened the tomb to let them in but vampires can’t leave once inside the tomb. Grams says she’s going to protect her own and that’s why she didn’t tell anyone about the other seal.

There's nothing like a mother daughter reunion.

Inside the tomb, Anna finds Elena and grabs her. Anna tells Elena that since day one she’s been planning to give Gilbert blood to her mother. Anna bites Elena and forces Elena to feed her mother while Elena screams. Stefan hears the scream and goes running into the tomb ignoring the witches warnings.

Bonnie is starting to get panicky because although she doesn’t care if Damon comes out or not she thinks differently of Stefan. She tells Grams that they can’t leave him in there and convinces her to remove the seal.

Stefan finds Anna with Elena in the tomb and tells Anna to let her go. He then tells Elena to go and that he will be right behind her. Elena comes out and Bonnie doesn’t know what to tell Elena. Elena says Stefan was right behind her and Bonnie just tells her that it’s okay they will fix it. Elena doesn’t know what Bonnie is talking about so Bonnie tells her about the seal and that Stefan is trapped inside. Elena turns around to see Stefan in the tomb entrance and says “you went in knowing…”

Damon is in the tomb frantically looking everywhere for Katherine. He starts yelling that she isn’t there when. Damon is starting to break down and throws the blood bag against the wall. The bag shatters leaving blood all over the wall.

Outside the tomb the witches are removing the seal and Bonnie falters. Grams tells Bonnie to keep going and finally they break the seal. Stefan gets out of the tomb but Damon is still inside and the tomb will close soon. Stefan goes to find Damon and get him out because but Damon won‘t budge. He’s in shock over Katherine not being in the tomb. Elena runs into the tomb to get both brothers out before time runs out. Damon is still not budging for Stefan but when Elena comes in, she pleads for him to leave. Damon looks at her and eventually agrees to leave still in a state of shock.


The tomb is about to close and everyone is racing to get out. Anna is first out carrying her mother (Pearl).Then it’s Elena, Stefan, and eventually Damon gets out. When everyone is out, Damon is standing away from the group and looking like a miserable wreck. Elena sees him and walks over to hug him and says that she’s sorry while Stefan watches.



(One of my favorite scenes. Elena didn’t hesitate to comfort Damon and Stefan seems to realize that there is most definitely a bond there.)

At Grams house, Bonnie is worried because Grams is looking extremely wore out. Grams assures her that she is fine. Bonnie gets her into bed and goes to get her something to drink.

At the Gilbert house, Elena is trying to make sure Jeremy is fine. He says he doesn’t remember anything and that his mind is “all cloudy”. He tells Elena he’s going to crash so she says she’ll be back soon. (She goes to Grams’ house.) When Elena leaves, Jeremy sits down at his computer and Googles vampires.


Over at the hotel Anna carries in her mother to find Damon sitting in a chair waiting for them. Damon is pissed and confronts Pearl wanting to know where Katherine is.

Damon: “You knew Katherine wasn’t in there.”
Anna: “You wouldn’t have helped me.”
Damon (choking Pearl): “Why do you get a happy ending?”


(explaining to Damon that Katherine is still alive)
Anna: Last I saw her was Chicago, 1983. She knew where you were, Damon. She didn’t care…Sorry.

Damon lets go of Pearls neck and looks even more crushed thanks to the bitch that is Katherine. Pearl and Anna hug as Damon leaves.


Elena calls Stefan on her way to Grams’ and asks how Damon is doing. Stefan says he doesn’t know and that he’ll call her later. Stefan goes and sits in a chair near Damon who looks so sad and broken.

See, Damon has a heart. From the way things are looking Katherine hs just shattered it... I'm so hoping that like in the books she gets a fatal sun tan.

At Grams, Elena has arrived and Bonnie is getting Grams tea ready to take to her. Bonnie goes in Grams’ room but Grams doesn’t move or respond in any way. Bonnie starts to freak out and grabs her by the shoulders trying to get a response out of her. Grams has passed away and Elena is in the background calling 911. Bonnie is a wreck and Elena tries to offer any comfort she can hugging onto Bonnie fiercely.


As the episode is ending, we see a vamp in the tomb grab Damon’s discarded blood bag. The vampire (who understandably looks like hell) gets up and opens the tomb enough for him to get out.

Damon's moment of anger has unleashed yet another possible disaster for Mystic Falls.

Looks like the witches weren’t able to seal it back up. Mystic Falls is going to have a sudden increase in its vampire population which means next episode will have a lot more new drama and other goodies.

For a full detailed synopsis check out The Vampire Diaries Wiki Here

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