TVD “Lost Girls” re-cap

This week’s episode starts off with a quick glimpse of how last weeks ended. (Elena writing in her diary realizing Stefan is definitely not normal and putting all of the pieces together – see last weeks recap.)

Dear Diary, I am not a believer. People are born, they grow old, and then they die. That’s the world we live in. How can I deny what’s right in front of me? Someone who never grows old, never gets hurt. Someone who changes in ways that can’t be explained. Girls bitten, bodies drained of blood…” – Elena


With that diary entry of Elena’s, she decides to confront Stefan no matter how much she doesn’t want to believe. He tries to pull his shit together and get Elena to listen to him in hopes she would accept him as a vampire. Hey, he doesn’t feed on humans… at the moment. The cliffhanger of what happened to Vickie and all of her druggie friends at the cemetery is answered. Damon MAKES a new play thing and is impatiently waiting for Stefan to give up his ring because he really doesn’t like being stuck inside…. hence the new play thing to pass the time with. Elena gets a lesson in Salvatore history 101 which means flashbacks are rampant. And flashbacks mean that we finally get some more details on Katherine. Oh, and the ‘which brother had her first’ question that the brothers can’t seem to agree on is answered but turns out she just might have been the one in charge there. A long-awaited episode that will allow for many more juicy drama filled moments with twists and turns throughout the rest of the series thanks to one sentence – “I am a vampire”. It only gets better from here and prepare to really dislike Katherine…

We finally get a look at the infamous Katherine who still causes the Salvatore brothers to loath each other all these years later.

It’s flashback time. Off to Mystic Falls in 1864, Stefan is watching a carriage pull up to his home and exit Katherine Pierce. It’s Stefan and Katherine’s first meeting. From the looks of it, Stefan was interested from the first sighting and Katherine is giving the same vibe.

After the opening title, it’s present day and Elena is at the boardinghouse doorstep wanting to know what Stefan is. With a sad I’m busted face, Stefan insists she must know what he is since after all, she’s there asking the big question. Elena happier in denial tries to say she doesn’t. Stefan doesn’t buy it so he announces “I’m a vampire”. With that last word Elena doesn’t believe and wants nothing more than to get the hell out of there. Stefan uses his vamp speed since the secrets out and blocks her. He tries to plead with her to stay and hear him out but she’s not having any. She heard the magic vampire word so she’s done for the night and done for good so she thinks.

Elena is back home and goes to her room where she paces and fidgets not knowing what to do. All of a sudden, she turns and Stefan is there (open window and he’s a vampire so it’s no big surprise – well to her it is). Stefan tries to get her to understand that he would never hurt her and that for her to know this is nothing but more danger for her. Oh, and don’t worry, he doesn’t use humans as snacks like his monster of a brother. Bambi is more his style. Elena still doesn’t want to deal so if he means her no harm he is going to leave ASAP. The second he’s out she realizes he used the window (a little slow there Elena) she runs over and shuts it quick.

Last week we saw a malnourished Damon at the cemetery biting Vickie. He’s still at the cemetery but now he’s cleaning up his mess after satiating his thirst. All of Vickie’s friends are presumed dead so he rearranges them a little then starts to spread a fire. As the fire spreads, he takes the time to call Stefan who would like to know where he is.

 Damon: “I’m at Sizzler, had the buffet… where’s my ring?”
Stefan gives some BS that Zach had it but Damon doesn’t buy so Stefan says it will have to wait a little because he has to go find it.
Damon: “What did you FedEx it to Rome?!.. Where is it?! I want my ring Stefan or my next stop‘s Elena’s.”
Stefan: “I already want you dead, don’t give me another reason to make it happen.”
Damon: “Don’t give me another reason to rip you apart.”
Stefan: “Yeah? Is that gonna be before or after you get your ring back?”
Damon: “Just get it…”

Basically Damon’s every other sentence (in the entire episode) is wanting to know where his ring is and he feels Stefan isn’t quite getting how serious he is so maybe it’s time to pay Elena a visit. That got Stefan’s attention so that hidden far away ring is going to magically reappear soon. Phone convo is over and Damon is about to leave when oh, surprise… Vickie isn’t dead after all.

“You just don’t want to die do ya?”

Over at the Gilbert house, Stefan is outside the house just hanging out. Elena is in bed sleeping and we are left to assume that either Stefan is getting all creepy stalker pinning over her or he’s just being a good guy and watching over Elena because you know… Damon and all.

Alas it’s morning and Elena is a mess having a really hard time starting her day. She ends up meeting with Stefan at a café to finally get explanations. They discuss myth versus legend in the vampire world because Google was no help and the Damon topic inevitably comes up. Stefan tells her he had nothing to do with all of the recent horrors that have happened in town, it’s all Damon. They talk about compulsion and how Damon used it. Elena wants to know if there are more vamps in town but Stefan assures her there haven’t been any there in a very long time. Elena is trying to absorb it all and Stefan asks for just one day to get her to understand.

The cemetery crime scene has been discovered so the police are there dealing with it. Sheriff Forbes and Logan are there and regardless of Damon trying to cover up his feeding frenzy, they know it was a vampire. Vickie’s wallet was also found but the question is, is Vickie amongst the burned bodies?

Damon is bored and impatient at the boardinghouse waiting for his ring and is leaving Stefan a few voicemails to be sure he knows.

Damon looking towards the couch says:

“Oh, don’t get blood on the couch… please?”    Oh my, Damon brought Vickie home.

“I got you good didn’t I”.  Damon pulls back a towel from Vickie’s neck, yeah he got her good…

“Oh, you’re not going to be much fun today”. After all, Damon doesn’t like to be bored.

“Oh – I’m so going t regret this”.

Damon then gives Vickie some of his blood… yeah he’s going to end up regretting it… it’s Vickie after all and she doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to anything.

So, Elena and Stefan are on a little field trip since she agree to give him a day to convince her not to run away screaming. They arrive at the original Salvatore home location and all that’s left are a few stones and pieces of pillars. Elena comments on how old it all looks and Stefan has to remind her he is old. He’s been 17 since 1864. Elena is a little slow with some of the details but hey, she’s trying. Stefan tells her he isn’t holding back on information anymore and tells her about the history of the Salvatore brothers. Turns out Damon may have twisted the details and time frame of the story around a bit. Damon was the one to take Katherine from Stefan (so he thought). And yes Elena, he loved Katherine that long ago, stay focused now.

Flashback time again. The brothers are at the house playing the new to America sport of football when Katherine appears. Both brothers lose focus and stare. She gets all flirty and plays the brothers against each other. They both want to take her to the original Founders Party and thus the rivalry starts. Back to present day, Stefan tells Elena that Damon doesn’t get mad. He gets even.

What is Damon up to? At the boarding house, Vickie is drying her hair with a towel after getting cleaned up and she’s confused. The last thing she remembers is being at the cemetery and being bitten. Damon who is the poster vamp for blunt straightforward answers (when he wants) uses compulsion and tells Vickie the complete truth. She reacts like it was nothing because screw the drama of being attacked and bitten – the girl wants another hit off Damon. Leave it to the druggie to now be hooked on vampire blood. Well she can have more if Damon can have some too. It’s only fair.

Elena and Stefan are still on their field trip where Stefan is telling Elena that Damon stole Katherine from him. It turns out though neither one of them were really stealing her.

Flashback to Stefan and Katherine in bed making out when Stefan professes he will love her forever. Ah but forever is a long time Katherine says but Stefan doesn’t think it’s long enough. So he sealed his fate right there and Katherine’s face gets that vainy look right before she bites him. The next morning Katherine is being stuffed into a corset when Stefan wakes up. Boy is confused and wants to know why Katherine’s face looked like a demon. Katherine compels him to tell no one and go on the same as usual. Katherine has plans for the brothers and herself to be together. Turns out both of the brothers were compelled to keep the same secret from each other.

Present day again and Stefan is now forever stuck with Damon. Elena sees Stefan with an extra ring and asks if it’s Damon’s. It is but Damon wants it back. Elena tells him to keep it hidden but Stefan can’t do that. Elena is having another slow moment and can’t imagine why he has to give it back. Well, if he doesn’t Damon is going straight for her because it‘s the one way to hurt Stefan.

And now that pocket watch that was so desired is revealed to be a vampire tracking compass.

The Sheriff, Mayor, and Logan are meeting and we finally see what the watch was wanted for. Ok, we don’t know quite yet but we see them with the damn thing and they change it into a compass… Oh, and they know Vickie wasn’t a burned body so that means she just might be one of “them” now.

Speaking of Vickie, she is still at the boarding house with Damon and the girl is riding a serious high. She’s dancing around like a crazy person and loving every second of it. She mentions Jeremy and how great he is. Damon’s interest is piqued at the mention of Jeremy. He asks if it’s none other than Elena’s brother Jeremy which of course, it is. (Cue ominous music because you know he is going to use that in some way with his newly acquired toy Vickie.) Damon has had enough of the talking when Vickie starts on love and wants to know if Damon has ever been in loved. He said he has but less talk and more dancing now.

They both start to dance around the house and end up in Stefan’s room destroying a few things. Vickie starts jumping on the bed and Damon sees Katherine’s picture. They end up in a slow dance where Vickie is very sad and crying over her poor life. Damon stating the obvious tells her she is so damaged with not a hint of self-esteem. Oh, and he so knows what she needs… DEATH! Vickie then falls to the floor because Damon has snapped her neck. Vickie is on the floor while Damon wanders over to a beam of Sunlight entering the house through a window and puts his hand in it. His hand starts to singe and smoke of course since he still doesn’t have his ring.

While Damon is playing in the sun, Vickie “wakes Up” on the floor. Last thing she remembers was dancing then the rest is fuzzy. Damon helpfully jumps in with a simple answer to clear her confusion – he killed her but it‘s no big deal. Vickie doesn’t know what to think and just wants to go home. Damon doesn’t think that’s a good idea but she keeps insisting and he looses interest. He happens to think that if she leaves she should stop by her boyfriend’s house (Jeremy). While she’s there she should tell Elena that he (Damon) says hi. Oh, and if Stefan happens to be there, make sure he know he’s looking for him. Ah, Damon ever the opportunist found a new game to play. But how long will it be convenient or fun for him to have Vickie around?

In the woods, Logan and Sheriff Forbes are discussing how to hunt and kill vampires. Looks like the town is going to try to handle their vampire problem and Logan is all anxious to stake one.

Vickie must have been listening to Damon because she shows up at the Gilbert house. Jeremy answers the door and Vickie’s eyes are killing her and why the hell is the world being so damned loud??? Oh yeah, she’s also starving and goes to raid the fridge. Jeremy is left watching all of this crazy happen. Time to call her big brother Matt in…

Elena and Stefan are finishing their field trip when Elena asks if Stefan ever used mind compulsion on her. He responds quickly with a ‘no’ and tells her about her necklace. He says he gave it to her to protect her from Damon and… umm from himself also. He asks her to never take it off regardless of what happens with them. She visibly softens at that for the first time during their whole day.

Matt shows up at the Gilbert house looking for Vickie. Matt asks her how she’s doing and she isn’t doing so great. Her jaws and gums are hurting and shit can someone please turn off all of the shouting and talking! Jeremy and Matt are just lost. All of a sudden a news story airs with the cemetery story and Jeremy is shocked because you know, they were just there last night. Matt and Jeremy think it would be a good idea to call and let everyone know Vickie is fine and try to figure out what happened. Vickie strongly disagrees and shoves Jeremy into the couch. Enter Stefan and Elena wanting to know what happened. After seeing the wreck of Vickie Stefan tells Elena to back up like now. He then compels Vickie and says that everything is going to be fine. He turns to Matt and Jeremy and tells them to get her upstairs and shut the blinds. Elena wants to know what’s happening. Stefan tells her that Vickie is transitioning and basically, if she doesn’t get human blood she is going to die. Oh and she may have only a few hours but don’t worry she’s fine for now so don’t worry about Matt and Jeremy being alone with her. She’s still kind of human with her human memories. She is however going to have to make a choice soon to feed or not. (Elena gets a bonus point for paying attention this time and asking if Stefan had the same choice to make! Almost completely makes up for all of the other times she chose to be so in denial. This little fact about MAKING A CHOICE will reappear again in the future.)

Upstairs, Vickie is apologizing to Jeremy but Jeremy tells her she just needs to sleep it off. They hug and Matt watches from the doorway looking like he has no idea what to do. Vickie starts sniffing around Jeremy’s neck and then quickly pushes him away saying “no!” because her vamp senses are kicking in more. She bolts down the stairs and Matt tries to stop her but she’s out of the house before he really has a chance. Matt goes to look for her and Stefan tells Elena he can track her.

Back in the woods, Logan is using the watch like a compass and calls Sheriff Forbes because he thinks he’s found something. (aha, the watch compass is to track vampires… oh, that can’t be good.)

At the Gilbert house, Jeremy is anxious and thinks Elena should call Matt to check if there is any news on Vickie. Elena tries to reassure him it’s going to be ok and they should wait. The doorbell then rings and when Elena opens the door, she quickly tries to close it. Damon is at the door and holds it open. Elena tells Jeremy to go upstairs and Damon looks amused.

“Ooh your afraid of me now… Stefan told you”.

Damon wants to know where Stefan is and Elena says he’s looking for Vickie. Damon tells Elena that Vickie will thank him for what he did to her. Elena again earning a bonus point shows she did get some info from her history lesson and asks Damon if he thanked Katherine. She caught Damon off guard which you can tell isn’t a common thing for him as he backs away. Damon wants to know if Stefan told her the whole story and Elena says she got enough which Damon doubts.

Somewhere in there when Elena was accusing him of all the bad or whatever we get this wonderful true to Damon moment which is my random fav quote of the episode:

Damon : “Don’t look at me with those judge-y little eyes.”

[Now pay attention Elena because Damon actually was the first to give any info and although his “version” was presented in a way to make him look better it wasn’t all that far off. Stefan is always visibly cautious about what he says and he has more he’s keeping to himself. He doesn’t really want to face any of his past. Stefan is overly guarded even when he is being ’open’ and this is no doubt going to be a big part of Season 2!]

Anyways, Damon tells Elena he isn’t going to kill her… now. It wouldn’t fit in with his plans you know. Then he leaves giving Elena a tip for later:

“Be careful who you invite in the house”.

(Yeah, something else that is going to bite her in the ass down the road… after you meet vampires BE CAREFULL WHO YOU LET IN YOUR HOUSE… it’s one of those she wasn’t paying good enough attention to but that’s in a later episode.)

Stefan ends up in the woods tracking Vickie and when he finds her she is an even bigger mess. Can’t really blame her though because she is remembering all of the gory details from her previous run-ins with Damon. She also remembers that Stefan tried to help her. She asks if she needs to feed because that’s what Damon told her. Stefan tells her if she doesn’t she is going to die. Stefan then apologizes to her saying Damon had no right to do this to her. Vickie just wants to go home and starts crying heavily.


All of a sudden, Stefan gets shot and as the camera pans out we see Logan holding a gun. Vickie is watching looking both scared and stunned while Stefan is lying on the ground in agony. Logan pulls out a stake and goes for Stefan when Damon uses his vamp speed to appear behind Logan and savagely attack and kill him. Damon takes the (wooden) bullet out of Stefan and again asks for his ring back.

“It’s wood, they know. If anyone is going to kill you it’s going to be me… my ring?…” – Damon

Damon gets his ring back and puts it on without hesitation. Stefan still on the ground sees Vickie over Logan’s body and screams for her but it‘s to late. She feeds on Logan and apologizes to Stefan then runs. Damon sees the pocket watch compass on the ground and takes it before leaving.

Mystic Falls has a new vamp in residence.

At the Gilbert house, Stefan shows up and Elena sees he is bleeding. He assures her that he’s fine and goes on to tell her about Vickie. He says he will try to help her to live like him instead of feeding on humans and Elena just can’t handle anymore. She tells Stefan she’ll keep his secret but she’s sorry she just can’t be with him… She goes in the house and leans against the door. Stefan is still outside staring back at the house while inside Elena ends up on the floor crying. Cue the sad music with the dramatic finish and that is the end of this weeks episode.

This week I am ending my recap with a quote that I happen to like because it is some excellent foreshadowing. (By the way, the writers gave us some quote gold in this episode)

Stefan (to Elena): “What Damon wants, Damon usually gets.”

For a full detailed synopsis check out The Vampire Diaries Wiki Here

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