TVD “You’re Undead to Me” re-cap

FINALY! She sees his face change… a person can only turn away so many times.

A quick rundown on this weeks episode:

Last week we were left with the cliff hanger of Damon locked in the boardinghouse cellar which is where we start off this week. It’s been three days and Damon is without his ring (so no sunlight for him), he has a decent amount of vervain in him, and he hasn’t fed. Stefan wants to reconnect with Elena who he hopes is welcoming. Elena has been wondering what the hell is wrong with Stefan that he’s been MIA for three days and she wants answers. Matt is left on the sidelines being a gentleman and giving advice to both Stefan and Elena. Caroline is trying to act like Damon never really happened but does a poor job of it and ends up under his spell once again. Bonnie is having some major inner conflict due to her newfound powers and ends up going to her grandmother. Jeremy and Vickie seem to be doing good together but it doesn’t last long because anything involving the words Vickie and good won’t last. We see the ominous crow pop up throughout the episode but sadly, it doesn’t end well for him. Stefan is ousted by a stranger who seems to know him and Elena is hungry for answers. She goes off to find them and is tremendously shocked when she puts the pieces together. She FINALY is ready to confront Stefan instead of making anymore excuses for all of the weird that has occurred. It just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t get more Damon so he gets freed but that won’t be good for everyone around him since he’s bound to be pissed . We end the show with One persons life ending and one persons fate being unknown. And all of that combined makes for the deliciousness that is The Vampire Diaries.

Read on for the re-cap and some pics/quotes

Last week we were left with the cliff hanger of Damon locked in the boardinghouse cellar which is where we start off this week. It’s been three days and Damon is without his ring (so no sunlight for him), he has a decent amount of vervain in him, and he hasn’t fed. Damon asks Stefan for his ring and Stefan informs him he won’t be needing it. He lets Damon in on his plan of letting him basically shrivel up like a piece of dried fruit (pleasant, yes?) and then being moved to their family’s crypt. Stefan will get back to him in oh, about 50 years to reevaluate the situation. (Ok Stefan, so your game plan is to disable and hide Damon until Elena is either really old or dead? Yeah that can’t backfire…)

Over at the Gilbert house, Elena is waking up and picks up her diary. She changes her mind about writing in it an goes to the bathroom. The bathroom is occupied by the ever classy Vickie who acts like she lives in the place. Vickie goes to Jeremy’s room and tells him he might be in trouble. Jeremy doesn’t care because hey, having a bed buddy over is better than drugs and all of his other drama. Elena goes down stairs and is still a little stunned about Vickie. She asks Jenna about her but Jenna is on the same page as Jeremy saying he could have been a little more craftier. Change of subject, Jenna is going out with Logan for lunch and Elena hasn’t heard from Stefan in three days minus a message saying he’ll talk to her soon.. whenever that is.

Back to the boardinghouse, Stefan is telling Zach that Damon is weak but dangerous so stay away (which is the no shit moment if you are smart because he is still Damon who has too many plans and schemes to count). Stefan is going to school since he came back home to live “normal” and besides, he wants to talk to Elena if she is willing. While that is happening, Bonnie and Caroline are in Caroline’s room talking about Damon. Caroline has a bunch of holes in her memory and remembers Damon biting her but not really. Her mind is all mixed up due to Damon’s compulsion. Bonnie spots the ever mysterious Crystal and asks about it. Caroline says it was Damon’s but it’s hers now and leaves it hanging up. Before the scene changes, we see that ominous Crow sitting in the window watching.

At the School, Bonnie and Elena are talking and Caroline is pushing the schools “Sexy Suds Car Wash”. Enter Stefan so Bonnie leaves Elena to talk with him. Elena wants to know where Stefan was and he just says “dealing with Damon”. He apologizes for being MIA but Elena is still not pacified. They make plans to meet at The Grill later. Caroline sees them and approaches. She wants to know where Damon is (because you know, he has some serious apologizing to do… yeah don’t hold your breath). Stefan tells her he isn’t coming back and she looks irritated. Elena insists that’s a good thing but Caroline doesn’t look like she fully agrees.

School is over and Elena goes to The Grill to meet with Stefan who isn’t there yet. She sees Matt and they play a game of pool while she waits for Stefan. Matt being the gentleman he tends to be listens to his ex Elena who he still cares about talk about Stefan and his secretiveness. Matt actually defends Stefan because he’s a nice guy and Elena is just being paranoid. Of course, Stefan enters right after that and again he has to apologize because he was an hour late and couldn‘t call. (Stefan was saving Zach from Damon because Zach didn’t get that no shit, you don’t go in the cellar with a captive Damon drugged or not. Damon tried to play the we’re family card and Zach had a second of smarts with throwing that line away quickly. Zach informs Damon he’s never been able to raise a family or really live normally because Damon has always showed up at random. Damon being Damon has the last word telling Zach it isn’t really his house but that “someone is needed to mow the lawn”. Then the whole throat grabbing and Stefan saving the day happens.) Elena knows none of that though so she is still unhappy. Then an older man approaches Stefan recognizing him but nope, your mistaken sir. That isn’t Stefan Salvatore who hasn‘t aged a day… you have the wrong person because so many people look like that. Elena is beyond confused now and leaves Stefan who looks at the man… uh-oh, cover blown – finally.

Elena goes home and writes in her diary:

“I tried. I want so much to make things right but every instinct in my body is telling me to be careful. What you don’t know can’t hurt you.”

We jump over to The Grill real quick to see Sheriff Forbes and Logan talking about how the watch has to be with the Gilberts because it always goes to the eldest male (so basically, it has to be with Jeremy). Jenna shows up for her date ending their convo.

Once again, back to the Gilbert house. Jeremy goes to Elena’s room and tells her (with a cute ass smile) that her mood would improve if she got something to eat. Elena goes downstairs and finds Stefan in the kitchen making chicken parmesan (Jeremy told him it was her fav). Stefan tells Elena about Katherine and how great her laugh was and how she was beautiful, impatient, selfish… basically she was good with some bad mixed in. In the end, she chose Stefan instead of Damon (or so he thought) and that caused all of the brother’s drama. Stefan tells Elena that his biggest regret was not making it right before she died but that he isn’t crippled by his feelings for her anymore (yeah… you keep telling yourself that – can’t wait for next season!). Stefan wants to move on to something else so he starts listing all of his interests while Elena takes over the chopping. (By the way, cute little bit about garlic when Elena makes a comment about her not eating too much or he won’t kiss her but Stefan reassures her he loves garlic.)

Elena, this is where you trust yourself because too much weird random shit has happened with Stefan. You are not paranoid, you are just choosing to be naive.


Go figure, she slices her finger. She runs to the sink and Stefan sees blood on his hand. You know what’s next, he gets all bloodlusty and his face/eyes get all dark and vainy. This time though, Elena sees his reflection in the window over the sink! She asks him to turn around so she can see his face but when he does it’s normal so she attributes what she saw to her paranoia and they kiss. Upstairs Vickie complements Jeremy on helping Stefan out and how romantic it was. Jeremy smiles and says he is feeling very romantic. Vickie who isn’t so great and sweetness for very long ruins the moment by showing Jeremy she found and took Elena’s pain meds from the car accident. Jeremy brings up the fact that they are always doing drugs together and should stop but you know he always gives in to her eventually.

As the night is ending, Caroline is at her house on the phone talking to Tiki (a random temporary character thrown in) about the upcoming car wash. Damon is trying to “call” to her from in the cellar and his image suddenly appears in Caroline’s mirror. Then all of the sudden the Crow is in her window. She tries to tell it to ’shoo’ but the crow doesn’t care. We are given another glimpse of Damon in the cellar looking like hell. Stefan returns home and goes down to the cellar where Damon tells Stefan he needs to stop lying to himself about what he is. Stefan returns with a dig about how the difference between them is that he (Stefan) can leave any time he wants.

The next day is the day of the car wash. Elena and Stefan show up and Caroline complains that it’s the “Sexy Suds” car wash and they are not looking sexy. Stefan asks if they just got scolded and Elena informs him yes and they also got judged. So it’s top layer off and time to wash some cars. Mat and Bonnie are watching in the background and Matt has that ’pining over lost love’ look. Bonnie jumps in with:

Bonnie: “Uh uh. No. None of that tortured, piney stuff.”
Matt: “I’m just observing!”

Everyone is off washing cars when a customer pulls up and the newbie Tiki insults the car loudly to the driver. Bonnie tries to get her to stop but Tiki just gets more bitchy and throws some more insults. Bonnie is not happy so she lets some of her witchy powers out and Tiki ends up getting soaked.


In the background, Logan is reporting on the car wash that is raising money in memory of Mr. Tanner. Jenna is there and they talk about dinner and their past together and all of their lovely car sex memories.

Elena and Stefan are washing another car when Elena notices his ring. She suggests that he take it off so it doesn’t get wet but he says no. Elena goes to get towels but Caroline tells her to watch the money while she gets them. (The crow is watching them talk.) Caroline is walking down a corridor in the school when she starts looking around like there is something/someone in there with her. Damon then appears saying “Caroline help me”.

Outside, while Elena is taking care of the money the older man from The Grill walks up to pay for his car being washed. (We later find out that he is Tiki’s Grandfather.) Elena asks how he knew Stefan and the man says he was in town many years ago. Elena is extremely confused now and it only gets worse when the man goes on to tell her about the death of an uncle (when Stefan is supposed to only have Uncle Zach) back in June of 1953. The man swears that it was Stefan and Damon Salvatore who were there visiting while he was staying at the boarding house. Elena has a WTF face. She sees Stefan and looks awkward but goes over to him. She mentions that she didn’t know his family was Italian (Salvatore… please, even Stefan thinks that’s obvious) and she asks if he has anymore family in town. Stefan says no so she asks where all of his family is. Stefan gives a vague answer that they are “spread out”. Elena eventually goes over to talk to Jenna and mentions that her car was done hours ago. Jenna looks embarrassed since she who is supposedly avoiding Logan is sticking around to talk with him. Logan re-introduces himself since he last saw Elena when she was 9. Jenna throws in a zinger about how that was his mental age when they were dating. Elena asks Logan for a favor and Logan agrees as long as Jenna goes on a date with him. Jenna agrees to the date so off Logan and Elena go to the news archives.

Over at the cemetery, Vickie and Jeremy meet up with some of Vickie’s friends. The friends are really just her drug buddies.

Caroline is outside the boardinghouse and Damon is still calling to her. She walks in calling his name. She finds him down in the cellar and she wants to know how she knew he was in there. Damon simply said it was because he wanted her to know and asks her to let him out. Caroline tells him he bit her and asks about her memories being foggy. Damon tells her she liked being bitten and now she’s going to let him out. She goes to open the door and Zach comes in trying to stop her but he is too late. Zach tells Caroline to run and she wisely listens. Damon is out and he snaps Zach’s neck then runs after Caroline. She makes it to the front door and opens it letting in sunlight. Since Damon doesn’t have his ring, he burns and looks pissed as Caroline makes her escape.

Vampire + Sun = Not good... Damon needs his ring in a bad way!

The car wash is still occurring and Tiki tells Bonnie to sweep the water away on the pavement. Bonnie doesn’t like the new job since it is a car wash after all and the water will end up drying. Tiki goes into superior bitch mode since Caroline is gone and supposedly she is now in charge and tells her again to do it. Bonnie takes the broom but focuses on the ground using her witchy talents and ends up in a trance. A puddle catches fire and spreads along a stream of water running off from a car. The car the water leads to ends up being engulfed in flames while Bonnie is still in a trance. Stefan manages to break Bonnie’s trance and assures her that no one saw her. Bonnie is really worried and asks Stefan not to tell anyone. Stefan says he won’t and he looks extra thoughtful while most people would be more on the shocked side after seeing what Bonnie did.


Elena and Logan go into an editing room and he gives Elena the basics of using the archives and asks for a good word to be put in with Jenna. He has to leave because he got a phone call about a fire at the car wash.

Nightfall is approaching and at the cemetery Vickie gives out Elena’s pills. Jeremy gets upset saying that Elena will notice and Vickie insists it’s not a big deal. Jeremy doesn’t want to hear it and Vickie’s friends talk shit about him as he walks away. Vickie follows and apologizes but Jeremy just wants to know what they are doing there with a group of losers. Vickie gets pissy saying those losers are her friends and she is one of them. She continues to be all ’woe is me’ and throws Tyler in Jeremy’s face.

At the car was Stefan is looking for Elena and he asks Matt if he’s seen her. Mat says no and warns Stefan for what he says is Elena’s benefit that the more Stefan hides things the harder Elena will look.

That leads us back to the archives where we see Elena watching an old news report. A body is being wheeled out of a house (looks like the boardinghouse) and the reporter asks “is that the nephew” as someone appears in the background. As the camera zooms in, Elena sees that the ‘nephew’ is Stefan. Elena replays the video and zooms in more having an OH SHIT moment.

At the Forbes house, Caroline is in her room and her mom tries to ask her what’s wrong. She uncomfortably asks “is it a boy thing” and Caroline snaps back that if it was a boy thing she would ask her dad (who happens to be dating one).

The show is winding down so we are shown a quick glimpse of what is happening with all of the characters.:

Over to the boardinghouse we go where Stefan finds Zach’s body.
Jump to Caroline in bed looking at the crystal.
Next is Bonnie who arrives at her Grandmothers house crying.
Then it’s Logan in Jeremy’s room looking everywhere for the watch (which he finds) when Jeremy comes in. Logan uses the “I was looking for the bathroom line” then leaves as Jenna calls for him.
Elsewhere in the Gilbert house, Elena is freaking out putting all of the pieces together. (Bodies drained, “animal” attacks, Caroline’s bite marks, Stefan’s face changing, vanishing wounds, etc.)
Elena has a massive OMFG moment look.

Dear Diary, I am not a believer. People are born, they grow old, and then they die. That’s the world we live in. How can I deny what’s right in front of me? Someone who never grows old, never gets hurt. Someone who changes in ways that can’t be explained. Girls bitten, bodies drained of blood…” -Elena

At the cemetery for the last time of the night, it is now full dark and Vickie is still there with her friends. They have a car radio playing and when it stops Vickie is elected the one to check on it. Cue ominous music because when she checks on the radio, she sees a man bent over. She asks if he’s ok – he isn’t looking so good and she goes to help him. When she gets to the man… uh-oh, it’s Damon. We know what’s coming and Vickie should also but since she was compelled to forget she doesn’t. No big shocker Damon bites her and covers her mouth to keep her screams muffled – don’t want the other courses of his night’s meal to get spooked.

As the show comes to a close, Stefan is at the boardinghouse and he grabs a stake to go look for Damon. When he opens the door Elena is there and immediately asks WHAT ARE YOU? We see Stefan looking back at her then the episode ends. A huge cliffhanger with the BIG secret finally coming out. That makes for a very good episode next week.

I’m going to end this post with Elena having a meltdown and Stefan realizing he just migh be BUSTED.


For a full detailed synopsis check out The Vampire Diaries Wiki Here

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