TVD “Family Ties” re-cap

This weeks The Vampire Diaries episode was “Family Ties”. Indeed it has a lot of family ties and even a major history repeating itself moment. The show starts off this time not with Damon on another murderous adventure (take note… you will see less of the bad like that from Damon but the bad that remains will be very WOW bad… for now anyways… just take note because there is a reason down the road.) Anyways, we see Elena waking up due to hearing a noise. She gets up and goes downstairs to see what it is when the television turns on. It shows a breaking news story reporting another death from an animal attack. The death is of none other than Elena… huh? she is obviously not dead. All of a sudden, Damon is inside and she is freaking out. She runs but he is everywhere she runs to (vampire speed) and then he’s gone. But of course when she turns around he’s there and he BITES her in a bad way. So your thinking WTF right… well then Stefan wakes up. It was all a bad dream that Damon put in Stefan’s head to screw with him. They have their usual banter between each other that ends in Stefan stabbing Damon with a letter opener and Damon returning the favor (note to self: never damage Damon‘s designer shirts). They are both vampires though and random non heart piercing stabs won’t do anything but annoy them. By the way, DAMON TELLS STEFAN HE WANTS MORE THAN IN ELENA’S HEAD during the convo.  

At the Gilbert house, Jenna has the television on watching a real breaking news story that announces the vicious animal responsible for all of the attacks has been caught (Damon set it up). While watching this Jenna is throwing insults at the male reporter (Logan). Turns out he is the reason she left town originally. The jerk cheated on her. Elena is off gathering some family heirlooms to loan out for a famous town founders party. Jeremy protests and we later find out it’s because it’s his parents things and the watch (A POCKET WATCH) was promised to him by his father. The doorbell rings and it’s Stefan. Elena and Stefan go upstairs and start to makeout on her bed. Stefan’s face goes all bloodlusty so he pulls away pretty quickly. Elena asks him randomly after how he looks in a suit… yeah because someone looking like he does can’t possibly pull off a suit… please. He’s a little surprised that the founder’s party is still held (slip up on his part… he’s new and not really supposed to know that stuff). Elena tries to act like it’s whatever with her and she’s going because her mom loved going but she wants to go we can all see that and Stefan couldn’t be happier to go with her… uh-huh sure he loves bending over backwards trying to hide all of his not so little secrets. 

Stefan how long do you think you can just keep turning your head? She’s going to notice eventually…


Over at Caroline’s house, Caroline is looking in a mirror holding a yellow dress up to herself. The flatterer Damon comments that it reminds him of jaundice and compels her to take him to the party (but not in that dress of course lol). On a side note, while Damon is lying on the bed there is a random Twilight reference that’s kinda funny.  

Damon: What’s so special about this Bella girl? Edward’s so whipped.
Caroline: You gotta read the first book first. It won’t make sense if you don’t.
Damon: Huh. I miss Anne Rice. She was so on it.
Caroline: How come you don’t sparkle?
Damon: Because I live in the real world, where vampires burn in the sun.
Caroline: Baby, you go in the sun.
Damon: I have a ring. Text me.. long story.
Caroline: Are these bites turn me into a vampire?
Damon: It’s more complicated than that. You have to feed on my blood then die, then feed on human, it’s a whole ordeal. This book, by the way, has it all wrong. 

Damon and Caroline are on the bed and she is lost in his dreamy and compelling eyes (but he’s not actually compelling her at this point… he’s just working his charm) and she straight out asks if he is going to kill her. Damon who is usually rather blunt and overly honest tells her not yet because he needs her to do something for him. We find out that something later on.

[Ok, I’m am annoyed with both Vickie and Tyler thoroughly at this point so just a quick summary of the mess they try to call some kind of a relationship. Tyler and his parents are at the Grill and he ignores Vickie which makes her pissed. The mom notices but says nothing. Tyler goes up to Vickie later and she mentions the party and pretending not to care gets herself an invite. Tyler actually looks like for a fraction of a second that he wants to go with her. Jeremy is yet again a victim forced to watch this but Vickie just brushes him off again (Bitch he is just stating the obvious). At some point Tyler goes over to the Gilbert house to pick up the Gilbert heirlooms for his mom (Mrs. Lockwood). Jeremy wants to slam the door on him but Elena stops him. Stupid Tyler has to say something to Jeremy of course but it wasn’t really an insult for once. “Would it help if I told you I really liked her?” Jeremy of course doesn’t think that helps at all. Eventually we see Vickie waiting to get into the party and when Tyler spots her he takes her through the back… but no he’s not embarrassed or ashamed to bring her at all. During the whole party, Tyler won’t dance and he keeps Vickie off to the side then eventually they end up outside away from everyone. Vickie calls him out on hiding her and he tries to deny it. Tyler’s mom comes up to them, Vickie takes off and Tyler’s mom says something along the lines of “that’s what happens when you bring the trash”. Woman is a fierce and mean bitch in the worst way. Vickie ends her evening going over to the Gilbert house to see Jeremy and they end up kissing. So how bad is she going to screw him up?]

Now back to the other people who done’ annoy me so much….

Caroline and Bonnie are at The Grill talking about the party and Bonnie isn’t thrilled to be going alone. Bonnie asks Caroline what her mom will think of the “Older Sexy Danger Guy” aka Damon. Caroline doesn’t give an EFF and Bonnie gets her to spill about whatever she knows about the Salvatore brothers and their history together. (Yeah whatever she knows won’t be biased at all… you so know Damon probably had this planned all along in some way or Caroline wouldn’t have been able to say anything due to a compulsion not to.) Later when Bonnie and Elena are getting ready for the party Bonnie ends up spilling everything she learned from Caroline. The story of how Damon had loved Katherine and had her stolen from him by Stefan and so on…. None of it sounds good for Stefan but what else would you expect. Needless to say Elena is thrown off by this little story. Elena is ready to go and gets a phone call THE POCKET WATCH is missing and Mrs. Lockwood seems to really want it specifically. Elena had the watch in the box but Jeremy ended up taking it. She confronts him then feels bad because he wanted the watch that was supposed to be his. She ends up taking the watch but changes her mind and leaves it on Jeremy’s desk before she leaves.

At the boardinghouse Zach and Damon talk… Zach doesn’t want Damon there. Damon plays along with the convo until he gets annoyed and grabs Zach. Stefan enters just in time to interrupt. Zach is shaken and upset so he decides to let Stefan in on a little secret. He has a vervain stash growing in the house. Not good for vampires but perfect for a plan in dealing with Damon. The brothers are getting ready for the party and Stefan just doesn’t get why Damon is even going. We get some Damon gold such as –  

Damon (to Stefan): You’re dead, dude. Get over it. 

Damon: So you should stay here. I’ll see to it Elena has a good time. 

Damon: “It’s cool not growing old. I like being the eternal stud.”
(and Stefan “cracked a funny” with his reply of:
“Yes,.. Being a one hundred fifty year old teenager has been the height of my happiness,” )

Stefan and Damon inevitably end up talking about the last party they went to and Katherine. Damon admits he was jealous watching Stefan dancing together (keep this in mind). He also mentions watching Stefan kissing Katherine on the cheek when what she really wanted was…. Damon lets Stefan in on a secret of that night, when Stefan dropped Katherine of Damon was with her the rest of the evening. (again, keep this bit of history in mind). Stefan gets all sad about how that was a short-lived happiness with her. Damon raises a glass to toast to the past repeating itself but right as he brings the glass to his lips he pours it out. Turns out Stefan spiked his drink with vervain and Damon knew it.  

Damon: “I’m not some drunk sorority chick. You can’t Roofy me”

Damon is not going to the party happy and makes sure Stefan knows because who knows what Damon will do when he’s pissed. Damon leaves and before Stefan leaves Zach gives him a vial of vervain that’s super strong.  

And finally, it’s time for everyone to go to the party. Damon and Caroline arrive and are invited in. Caroline sees her mother who is looking extra fashionable in her Sheriff’s uniform. Caroline goes to talk to her and immediately her mom wants to know who the older guy is. Caroline doesn’t care what her mom thinks or says and her mom is more into her job than Caroline so that’s the end of that for now. Next to arrive are Stefan and Elena who get invited in and are spotted by Damon who is looking especially frowny and generally unhappy. (Hmmm… having to watch Stefan and Elena enter a founder’s party all happy and cozy AND Stefan kissed her on the cheek, remind you of anything? Perhaps Katherine?) 

Stefan and Elena are in a room that is set up with all of the towns various founding families heirlooms on display. Elena is looking in a display case with her parents rings that have been passed down over the years and is looking sad while reminiscing. Stefan takes her hand to offer comfort. Elena moves on to look at the original guest book of the first founders party and sees two names that especially stick out. Those two names happen to be Damon and Stefan Salvatore. Before Stefan gets a chance to stumble through a hasty cover up Damon comes in and saves the day (with his own little twist and agenda – but again what else would you expect?). So Damon explains that it’s the original Salvatore brothers and Stefan tries to deflect saying no one wants to hear the story. Elena want’s to know of course and hell, the girl should take notes! All of a sudden Caroline wants to dance and will not take no for an answer which leaves Damon and Elena in the room alone. (Makes you wonder with all of Damon’s scheming and plotting for his master plan if this wasn’t part of it. It would be hard to believe if it wasn’t. He just may have told Caroline early – maybe using compulsion – to get Stefan away so he can talk to Elena.) Elena gets a quick “Damon look” (hey I’m not making this up, his “eye thing” is acknowledged in the season finale). Damon apologizes for trying to kiss Elena the last time they were alone and ends up telling her about the “original” Salvatore brothers as he puts some blame on them for his previous behavior. Ok, so Elena this is where you would take your detailed ass notes – seriously.  

Damon – “Let’s just say that the men in the Salvatore family have been cursed with sibling rivalry.”

Damon and Elena discuss the battle of Willow Creek and what happened to the two brothers. It turns out that the people who died in the town’s church were supposed Union sympathizers murdered by Confederate soldiers. Elena is at full attention (now if she’s really paying attention to details that would be great). He tells her that the brothers were trying to rescue someone in there that they both loved very much. When trying to get to her they were both shot and murdered themselves. At the end of the story Elena tells Damon she hopes that whatever is going on with him and Stefan gets worked out but she can’t get in the middle of it. (That’s some wishful ass thinking on her part.)  

While Damon and Elena were talking, Stefan and Caroline were dancing outside. Stefan basically tells Caroline that he knows Damon told her to dance with him. He goes and gets her a drink that she accepts. After a toast, Stefan watches her take a drink. Damon and Elena walk over to the two with Damon asking what he missed and turning down an offer of a drink from Stefan. Elena asks Stefan if he has one more dance in him so off they go.


Caroline and Damon watch Stefan and Elena dance with Caroline saying how cute they look together. That is something Damon doesn’t really want to hear it would appear and he tells Caroline not to talk. Damon is looking very intently at the dancing couple. Elena tries to get Stefan to talk about the past but he refuses to speak about Katherine. Stefan immediately blames Damon who he thinks said something to Elena and he tells her that Damon likes to cause problems (knows his brother pretty well doesn’t he). Elena tries again to get him to say something while saying it’s not Damon. Stefan refuses to open up saying that Damon is trying to turn her against him. Elena responds saying “then I guess it’s working”. She walks away from Stefan and all the while Damon is watching. Damon and Stefan lock eyes for a minute looking all serious.

Elena goes to our little witch Bonnie who has been exploring her powers more at the party. (When she was sitting at a table by herself, she was staring at an unlit candle intently focusing on it. The candle is all of a sudden lit which startled her and she blew it out. Later Bonnie overhears Mrs. Lockwood complaining at a worker about candles in the dinning room being unlit. When she is alone in the room, she focuses on the candles but nothing happens. As she goes to walk away, all of the candles are lit up bright as can be. This little witch is gaining strength.)  

This beautiful little witch isn’t given enough credit for what she is and her strength until it’s too late.

So Bonnie and Elena are sitting and talking and Bonnie feels bad because she thinks she cause the problem between Stefan and Elena. While they are talking, Mrs. Lockwood comes up to Elena asking about THE POCKET WATCH that Elena says must still be packed away somewhere.Meanwhile, Caroline finds Damon who says he was looking for her. He grabs her and they go inside the house to the room with all of the founder heirlooms. He tells her to keep watch while he gets a crystal from a box that he put there a long time ago.  

What is so special about this crystal that Damon had to stash it so long ago?

In what I’m sure is one of many bathrooms in that mansion of a house, Caroline and Elena are in front of a mirror. Elena notices marks (bites) and bruises on Caroline. Caroline gets all defensive when Elena asks about them and if Damon caused them. Caroline says it wasn’t Damon and to leave her alone right before she stormed out. Elena immediately goes to find Damon and confront him. She orders him to stay away from Caroline and umm definitely don’t think he was expecting this from Elena. He looked very unhappy that she knew about the marks at all and I doubt he ever wanted Elena to see him in that way. When Elena is finished with Damon, he goes to find Caroline. She apologizes up the ass because she knows that he is pissed. Caroline is freaked but Damon is gentle with her and tells her that she’s crazy but I forgive you and it’s ok… unfortunately I’m so over you now… then he bites her viciously. Damon falls over looking sick as hell. While all of this is going on, Elena finds Stefan and apologizes about defending Damon and she tells him everything. Stefan doesn’t act or looked surprised which bothers Elena. She tries to get him to say something but all he says is “I’m handling it”. He tells her to trust him but she counters with trust is earned and not magically handed over. All of a sudden Stefan has to go. Stefan appears where the Damon/Caroline incident is occurring right after Damon falls. Stefan tells Damon that he knew he couldn’t get him to drink the vervain so he spike Caroline.

A little while later, Caroline gets up off the grass looking a bit lost and is alone outside. She sees the crystal on the ground and grabs it right before Elena finds her. Elena tries to comfort Caroline and holds her as she starts to freak out massively.

At the boarding house, Damon is locked in a cellar by Stefan with Zach watching. 

“I did what I had to do to protect Elena, to protect everyone. Yes, Damon, the headline reads: ‘Deadly beast captured, all’s well in Mystic Falls.”  – Stefan

Back at the mansion, Mr. Lockwood (the Mayor), Mrs. Lockwood, Sheriff Forbes, and Logan are gathered after all of the party guests have left. Mr. Lockwood asks where THE WATCH is and his wife informs him that Elena claims it’s packed away somewhere. Mr. Lockwood asks if they can get it when Logan volunteers to retrieve it saying “they’ve come back…”.  

* Just realized I left Jenna out after I finished writing the Logan ending. Now it’s obvious Logan isn’t completely who he presents himself to be with the after party meeting. I also mentioned that he cheated on Jenna (with ‘Monica’.. Jenna helpfully reminds him of her name when he acts like he forgot). Damn, the man is determined though. He approaches Jenna repeatedly at the party and each time he gets shut down by her. Jenna might have caved for a lunch at the end but she herself says she has changed and is now meaner. I would have to believe her because she does have a hard and closed off side to her which is evident. Unfortunately though, she hasn’t hardened enough if she caves to a man she claims made her flee her hometown and get meaner… doesn’t look so much like she wants nothing to do with him after all. Poor girl, you know she’s going to end up in some unhappy mess with him given his history and the fact that he has another hidden side to himself. 

To end this, Damon is after Elena and is working his game on her. Is that all he is really after though? What’s the crystal for? Either way, he does have more of an interest in her than playing some game and there is no denying it. Stefan is fighting a loosing battle with his secrets and he needs to do something real quick before it’s too late. Caroline is in over her head and needs to run while she can. Elena has no clue what the hell is going on around her while she hears stories and people are dropping hints all around her. History repeated itself tonight for the brothers and their ongoing feud of ‘I’m going to get the girl’. This time however, Stefan was more aware and was able to change how the night ended. Elena had no idea that her evening could have ended very differently. Jeremy is all over the place with his emotions and Vickie isn’t helping. Tyler is still a jerk and seeing his parents it’s not hard to see where he got it from. Jenna and Logan are dancing around each other and their past. Bonnie is trying to figure out who and what she is. Zach needs to watch his back when it comes to Damon regardless of him being locked in the cellar. And lastly, remember back when Zach warned Stefan “The town still remembers”? What exactly was that little group meeting after the party and what is the big deal with THE POCKET WATCH that was mentioned constantly? 

For a full detailed synopsis check out The Vampire Diaries Wiki Here

Screen caps courtesy of

And I’m ending his recap with a random fav quote from the episode.

Zach (to Stefan): “Blood only runs so deep when you’re related to vampires.”

    • Tallulah Josephs
    • March 30th, 2012

    Wow. Very detailed. It help me reemember some bits of the episode that i forgot without even having to watch it.

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