Night of the Comet re-cap

This weeks episode was another good one with an even further look into the characters and their lives. A few more pieces of the puzzle were given but of course, not without bringing up more questions or mysteries. We start with the mysterious fog making another appearance right before another attack (of course it’s presumed to be Damon – which it was). It then jumps to Stefan and Elena simultaneously waking up in their rooms thinking about how great it is to wake up knowing they are going to see the other. Lucky Jenna gets to go to a parent-teacher conference for Jeremy (as I recall, those were oh so fun right?). The conference didn’t go so hot with Mr. Tanner basically ripping her parenting skills to shreds and not so subtly suggesting she not have them (Jeremy and Elena) at all. That ends with Jenna doubting herself in a huge way and attempting to first relate with Jeremy over his drug usage then ransacking his room and later threatens grounding. Poor girl is all messed up and hard on herself until Elena ends up reassuring her that she is doing fine with the mess that they are. Caroline has no memory of the night with Damon other than it was with him and she was drunk. A little mind persuasion anyone? Jeremy all worked up confronts Tyler about Vickie and threatens to kill him if he ever hurts her again. The ass Tyler doesn’t show concern for Vickie in the least. Elena and Mat talk about how everything with Vickie is going and it ends up turning to the subject of her and “the new guy”. Mat keeps to his word of not giving up on Elena with that one and then later telling Stefan that he will always be there for her. Stefan overhearing their convo and a mention of Vickie thinking it was a vampire that attacked her he ends up at the hospital. He ends up giving her the mind whammy after Mat runs to find a nurse for a flipping out Vickie. Vickie was just all over the place in this episode and her mind is so screwed up with all of the mind changing both Damon and Stefan do to her. Even if you’ve never seen TVD before you know she is not going to make it out of this mess sane… or even alive for that mater because Damon has her on his radar as a play thing it seems. He attacks her yet again – this time in the bathroom at The Grill. On the subject of Damon and play things, Damon and Elena officially meet. Elena out looking for Stefan ends up t the boarding house. She walks in when no one answers and then that stalker of a Crow appears (flying IN the house). She dodges and turns to see Damon standing right behind her. An interesting convo for Elena… Stefan has a brother, was in love (with Katherine of course)… you can tell Damon is loving the hell out of this. Stefan walks in and he wasn’t loving it so much. Being cold and distant with Elena he walks her to the door and of course confronts Damon. They have some of that great banter between the two (I say great because I love how Damon always makes everything his own little game while Stefan tries hard as hell to have a serious convo ). The show eventually ends up at a town gathering for the passing comet. Bonnie and Elena talk about Stefan. Bonnie ends up calling out Elena on not really putting herself out there with him. Later Stefan ends up finding her and tries to apologize for how he was at the house and all that. Seems to be going good until Elena starts talking about Katherine and his heart-break and all the things with him she “gets”… 

ELENA – It’s Ok Stefan, I get it. You have no idea how much i get it. Complicated brother? Check. Complicated Ex? Check. Too complicated to even contemplate dating? Check. We met and we talked and it was epic, but then the sun came up and reality set in.

Elsewhere at the Comet gathering, Caroline spots Damon standing there looking.. Well just looking.. She walks towards him and he *poofs*. After the comet viewing, everyone apparently ends up going home or to The Grill. Stefan asks Bonnie if she’s seen Elena. Bonnie tries to help him out (and probably give Elena a push). Interesting little thing happens with the blossoming ‘psychic’ when she touches Stefan’s hand. She obviously sees something and is visibly shaken by it.

Of course, by the end of the show Elena goes to Stefan at the boarding house and have yet another feelings talk that fixes the last one. They watch the comet together and at last, we get the first kiss. Then back to Damon who is with Caroline getting all hot and heavy. Damon with his latest play thing gets a case of blood lust when his face changes with all those veins except his eyes go red instead of black. He bites Caroline and the show ends with her screaming.

Random quote from this episode… Damon, so bad but so good *sigh*
STEFAN  What are you up to Damon?
DAMON – That’s for me to know and for you to dot dot dot.


For a full detailed synopsis check out The Vampire Diaries Wiki Here

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Next week, the CW will be re-airing  TVD – Friday Night Bites followed by Moonlight – Out of the Past

    • jessy
    • January 15th, 2012

    eu amoooooooo o damon e a elena se os dois nao ficaram vao ficar,tenho sertesa que vao!!! o stefan nao vai mesmo ficar com a elena !!!!! bjs!!

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