Shinichi’s Great Reveal

At the end of Shadow Souls,chapter 42 leaves a lot of openings for the final book in The Return Series. I’m sure it was to help tie up some loose ends from the first two books in The Return Series but some new questions were also raised.

Let’s start of with all of the players in Shinichi’s little game:

Matt  *  Bonnie * Mrs. Flowers  *  Elena  *  Stefan  *  Damon  *  Meredith  *  Sage

And now, the ‘secrets’ revealed:

“Oh, yes, and the renegade. The Rebel’s rebel son. I wonder… what are you calling yourself this time? Cage? Rage? I wonder what these children will think when they learn who you really are?”  -Shinichi pg. 574

“Between you, all such close friends: do you know how many secrets there are? Of course Meredith is a mistress of secrecy, keeping her secrets from her friends all these years. You think you’ve already pumped her dry, but the best is yet to come. And then of course, there is Damon’s secret.”  -Shinichi pg. 576
(followed by…)
“Which if spoken of here and now means instant war.”  -Damon pg. 576

“And besides all that, I’m going to tell you what you’ve been hiding from your so-called friends. Just a few secrets, yes?”
“How about this one: One of yu has kept a secret all their life, and is doing so even now. One of you is a murderer – and I’m not speaking of a vampire, or a mercy killing or anything like that. And there is the question of the true identity of Sage – good luck on your research there! One of you has already had their memory erased – and I don’t mean Damon or Stefan. And what about the secret, stolen kiss? And then there is the question of what really happened the night of the motel, that it seems nobody but Elena can recall. You might ask her sometime about her theories about Camelot. And then –.”
  (And then Damon shuts him up with blessed bullets.)   -Shinichi pg. 582-3

A ton of groundwork was laid for the next installment (Midnight) in that one chapter alone. We have a decent idea of what to expect now but, who goes with what ‘secret’ Shinichi revealed while playing his game with the group?

*Elena and Camelot is a whole post in itself so that will be up soon.

*It’s known Meredith had a secret already (Her Grandfather was a survivor of a vampire attack – on Meredith’s birthday – and he didn’t fare so well mentally afterwards. The attacker was no less Klaus who, Changed Katherine. It’s often stated that Meredith is serious and although is always there for her friends she does keep things to herself. Maybe she is the murderer? She’s got the balls to do it…

* Damon’s secret – not even going there because the boy has lived many centuries and God knows what he has hidden in that stone rock soul of his. (And it seems Damon wants to keep it that way.) Theories anyone?

* That brings me to the motel. I’m sure Damon would love to know that one, Elena giving of herself freely and completely. Elena vowed not to tell ANYONE anything about it though until Damon himself remembered. What exactly was on those three diary pages she ripped up and flushed when she realized that he didn’t remember? You know it was more than was told in the book.

* As for Sage we are given more to go o in the book but is more helpful or confusing? Why does Shinichi call Sage a renegade or “The Rebel’s rebel son”… who is The Rebel?? I can go on more about Sage because this part of the mystery can end up being extremely important – who is Sage? I’ll post more on him later.

We still have:
*A secret someone has kept their whole life
*A murderer of the human kind
*A stolen kiss
*A person with their memories erased

  1. June 11th, 2010

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