Shinichi’s Great Reveal – SAGE

NOTE: Apologies in advance, this is going to be long.  The reason – out of all of Shinichi’s ‘secrets’ the Sage question has been the one to bug me the most. There are so many little things in the book about him but when you look at them as a whole Sage is a big mystery. I happen to like his character a lot, there is something about him that is so compelling and he just makes you want to like him. I hope that I will continue to like him in the next book!

“And then there is the question of the true identity of Sage – good luck on your research there!”  Pg. 582

Shadow Souls

When we were introduced to the character of Sage, w knew very little of him other than he somehow knew Damon. And from there everything we learn about Sage leads to yet more questions about who he is and what his deal is. I swear there is more to him than he lets on. He always seems to know just a little more than he should and I’m pretty sure he is the only vampire who doesn’t ask questions. Even Stefan who you have to admit is constantly portrayed as this Saint of Vampires would stop and ask a question or two before getting involved with this group and their drama. But never Sage, he is always right there ready and willing to do all he can. Don’t get me wrong… if he really is just some heroic and kind vampire great. But how often in these books are vampires portrayed as kind and heroic to this extent? LJ Smith is big on the foreshadowing in her writing and something is undeniably off about Sage. So,what do we know about him so far?…  Here are the”facts” that we’ve been given for now: 

— Young looking vampire, very muscular, seems to prefer less/simpler clothing, has long bronze hair down to his waist, has a tattoo of a black dragon eating a heart on one arm (Is that significant somehow?), and he speaks French.

— Has two animals, Saber (A hellhound – how do you end up with a hellhound for a pet?) and Talon (a hawk). Vampires and animals aren’t supposed to mix like this from what we’ve been told. They’re not average animals but still…

— Knows Damon quite well it would seem. (There is all kinds of random huh? moments there when Sage saves Damon pg. 266) <– And some of those things said or mentioned have females everywhere panicking Damon and Sage had an umm intimate relationship once upon a time or that at least Sage is gay but I still say the jury is still out. Wayyy wayyy out because a blush here and a mention there of latent homosexuality doesn’t cement it for me. Sorry but things can be written a certain way just for the purposes of adding mor illusion and to raise more questions. Is he gay, who knows?… does it matter with the who he is question?… not really.

* Sage refers to Damon as mon petit tyran a few times (my little tyrant – is that alluding to the kind of history they have? A piece of Damon’s history or darker personality?

* When Damon offered for Sage to return with him for a drink he (Sage) looked at Damon “as if he’d gone mad“… bad blood between them at some point? “The reason I will not go back for a friendly drink… mon ange… is that we are not friends.” pg. 267 (how does Sage really feel about his old acquaintance? Going from my little tyrant to my angel back to my little tyrant again – interesting. I bet Sage knows things about Damon that no one else does.* Also, what scams did they pull together? Sage mentions gambling (cards) at the end of the book and treasures and loot as well. That might be some kind of clue as to what Sage does. Does it have anything to do with Sage and Damon though?

— With all the mentioning of what will they think, is he supposed to be a known person/vampire? Can he possibly be an Old One like Elena accuses or is it more of a legend or mythical type thing?

* Yes, Damon thought, the meeting of the “harem” and Sage was bound to be interesting. At least it would be if the girls discovered who Sage really was. But maybe no one would tell them. Pg. 269 (And why di his mind balk at picturing Sage with Meredith?)

* “I wonder what these children will think when they learn who you really are?” – Shinichi Pg. 574

— Always willing to help Elena whenever she asks and remains helpful with their whole mission.

— Always seems to appear to save the day right when needed (with Talon’s help watching over them?)

Petting Talon: “But a little bird told me you might be in trouble.” Pg. 491

— Elena can get away with ORDERING him to do something… a vampire hmmm seem strange to anyone else? (On that note, she wants him somewhere and he’s THERE.)

— Random things he knows about Elena:

* Seems to know she was previously a vampire “So mon enfant, you have decided to become un vampire encore une fois.” Pg. 393

* Knows she has Powers from a place he (Shinichi) cannot enter.

* Turns down Elena’s blood stating “You could lead a snarling black panther to water, if you had electric cattle prods and elephant ankusha, but that afterward you’d be a fool to turn your back on it.” pg. 328 Does he know about her blood/aura?.. Because vamps don’t tend to say no to blood.

[I seriously just want to know what’s his deal with Elena, there has to be some kind of connection unless he is doing all of this from his past with Damon (whatever that is). There is no lusty feeling or anything coming from him so he’s not on the ‘I Want Elena’ boat (that by the way even weirdo Shinichi is on… him taking memories from a beautician to see Elena and all her golden hair so generously displayed. Ummm disturbing, yes? And if you’re wondering from what scene that is from, I’m sure he saw the whole bathing and primping scene from Pg. 437. A Peeping Tom kitsune- nice.) ]

So we are left with a group of friends that have accepted Sage into their group (and even little Bonnie defends him to Shinichi). Elena herself is very glad to be able to have him as a friend and protector. It appears they all are very comfortable and at ease with him but will that change when Sage isn’t so much of a secret later?

“So ‘Madame’, you think you have gained ‘Sage’.” Pg. 575 Shinichi

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